• Name: Mel
  • Former Names: Melanie White, Kitty, or Kitten
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Human
  • Tribe: Fianna
  • Date of Birth: Unknown


  • Creation Date: 2002, Jan 5 18:38:30 2007 (last known)
  • Departure Date: 2009(?)

Notes: (From +finger info) Fianna kin hottie. Ex-scout for John Smith, ex-room-mate of Jack Salem, disappeared for the last three or four years? No, just started living a 'normal' life, instead of the street. No more tailing, spinning lies, seducing chumps, or dancing til dawn... PA in a prestigious city architectural firm, trying to be an artist.

Mel hasn't kept in touch with the Garou since she retreated to normality. Those still alive or in town who might remember her are few. But she is a distinctive figure, the kind of girl to be admired from afar, or asked out for a coffee if one had the stones...

App: 4, Cha: 3, Man: 3, WP: 6. Page for all other relevant stats.

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