A spirit with this Charm may materialize and affect the physical world. In order for a spirit to be able to accomplish this feat, its Gnosis must exceed the Gauntlet for the area. It may stay materialized for as long as it desires, but it cannot enter an area with a higher Gauntlet than its Gnosis. While materialized, the spirit may not recharge its Power. When a materialized spirit is attacked, damage is applied to its Health Levels. If a spirit is reduced to zero Health Levels, it dissipates into the Umbra and may not reuse this Charm for a period of time equal to 20 hours minus its Gnosis. Aggravated damage suffered by a spirit is applied to Health Levels and Power. While the spirit must expend Power to create and maintain its physical form, it still uses its Gnosis for Social and Mental activities.

Power Cost: 1 per Physical Attribute level. 1 per two Ability levels. 1 for 7 Health Levels, 1 for each additional (extra Health Levels also increase size). 1 to heal one Health Level (regenerate damage to physical form). 1 per die of aggravated damage done in addition to Strength (claws, bite, etc.).

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