• Name: Malachi Gardner / Bites-Everything / Biter
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Ahroun
  • Tribe: Children of Gaia
  • Rank: Cub (0)
  • Positions: Angry boy, now dead.
  • Player: Hazmat

Notes: Malachi was a child of poverty with parents who didn't love each other anymore. He was a shrimp with glasses, old clothes, and a bad haircut who was an easy target for bullies as a kid. When he was eleven, a teenage Bone Gnawer named Junior befriended him and scared off the bullies (mostly), though Malachi, who had trust issues, always wondered why, especially since Junior insisted he didn't want anything in return.

Then, one day Junior invited Malachi to his place and offered the eleven year old kid a backrub, asking him to take off his shirt. Malachi refused and left quickly. He'd never trust Junior again, though the older boy always insisted that he hadn't meant anything by it.

Not long afterward, Malachi turned twelve and his Garou heritage started making itself known. Plagued by high Rage and Past Lives, he was something of a pain in the ass to the Bone Gnawers who picked him up; it didn't help that Junior was the only Ahroun to teach auspice stuff, or that Malachi had developed a serious hate-on for the city in general. Eventually, the Gnawers took him out to the woods, and after talking to him, [[Elan Dunblaine|Elan], the current tribal elder, agreed to let the Children of Gaia adopt Malachi instead.

Malachi was overjoyed at this. He liked being out in the woods, he liked being Garou, and when not driven to frustration and temper, was ready to be the best damn Garou he could be.

Sadly, the kid was taken hostage when the Black Spiral Dancers invaded the bawn and used as a distraction to keep the caern defenders busy. Malachi was slaughtered, his throat sliced open without mercy. He never had a chance.

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