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# [[Bulletin Boards]]
# [[Bulletin Boards]]
# [[Census]]
# [[Census]]
# [[Other MUSH Files]]
=== Miscellaneous Official Files ===
=== Miscellaneous Official Files ===

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GarouMUSH Wiki

( 1,899 articles about GarouMUSH! )

Welcome to the GarouMUSH Wikia! As you can see, it's real bare-bones at the moment. Hopefully over time this will develop into a comprehensive OOC and IC resource for current (and aspiring) players.

New Players Start Here!

At this time, we are open to public building. For those of you who are new to the wonderful world of wiki, there's a guide to building and editing here. If you still have any question, feel free to refer them to one of the involved.

Please read and follow the GarouWiki Policies.

Official Resources

Official Website Files

  1. Welcome to GarouMUSH
  2. GarouMUSH: The Game
  3. Guide to Getting Registered
  4. New Applicant FAQ
  5. Player's Primer
  6. The Environs of GarouMUSH
  7. StoryTelling
  8. Links & Resources

MUSH Files

  1. News Files
  2. Backgrounds
  3. Attributes
  4. Rites
  5. Gifts
  6. Charms
  7. Bulletin Boards
  8. Census
  9. Other MUSH Files

Miscellaneous Official Files

  • Tskilegwa's Articles (need to be formatted for wiki):
  1. How To Write An App That Doesn't Suck
  2. A Basic Guide To The Umbra
  3. Gifts On GarouMUSH
  4. Mundane Weapons & GarouMUSH
  5. Lupus Guide

Unofficial Resources

  • Resources for the New Player  : Your one-stop shop for all the accumulated wisdom regarding getting started on GarouMUSH.
  • Needs Approval : Original wiki articles that need to be wiz-edited, given the stamp of approval, or canned.
  • Approved : Wiki articles that are in line with worldview.
  • List of caerns : A caern list, organized by region.
  • Ecology :Information on the flora, fauna, and ecosystem of the Columbia River valley.
  • History : The long-ass history of the Hidden Walk.
  • Past & Present PCs : Those People.
  • Past & Present Packs : Pack n: when garou gather in numbers; the plural of idiot.
  • Megangarou's Essays : A list of Livejournal treatises on various aspects of the game, written by a former GarouMUSH wizard and player.
  • Caern Convos : The Rumor Mill of the Sept.
  • GarouMUSH Moot Primer : The How-To of Moots and Moot Running, both IC and OOC.
  • Wishlist : Things that caught people's eye, that might be added to the wiki some day.
  • Top Ten Logs : One player's selection of ten all-time classic logs from GarouMUSH. Check them out if you want to see just how good the roleplay here can get. (link offsite) [1]
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