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GarouMUSH has been around for over 20 years and has a rich and diverse culture and history. Before you apply for a character, read the New Player Resources, in particular the Player's Primer. Also feel free to explore some of the Game Culture files to get a feel for what it's like here.

As is true of many resources on GarouMUSH, this wiki is player-created and maintained. Please feel free to add your own additions and input. For a list of specfically wiz-approved articles, see Approved. As with the wiki and other resources, the gameplay at GarouMUSH is meant to be largely player-oriented and player-driven, with a generous dollop of help from the wizards. So take this as kind of introductory document, a thorough OOC and IC resource for both current and aspiring players.

The current IP address for GarouMUSH is, port 7000; or use 7000.

Note to new and returning players: Please page or @mail a wizard for a valid email address to use rather than submitting an application through -- emails sent to this address are currently not being forwarded on to the wizards as they should be.

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Contributing to the Wiki

If you want to contribute to the Wiki, see these helpful sources:

  • To start a new page, go to create a page.
  • For character pages, there are templates you can use for the general infobox and for stats; packs have a general infobox as well. Logs should use this template.
  • Read up on the help files for Wikia.
  • Check the Wishlist for things desired on the Wiki. As always, ask someone experienced with Wikia to help.
  • Check the Worklist to help in our ongoing wiki projects. We need assistance! Please volunteer!
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