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GarouMUSH has been around for over 20 years and has a rich and diverse culture and history. Before you apply for a character, read the New Player Resources, in particular the Player's Primer. Also feel free to explore some of the Game Culture files to get a feel for what it's like here.

As is true of many resources on GarouMUSH, this wiki is player-created and maintained. Please feel free to add your own additions and input. For a list of specfically wiz-approved articles, see Approved. As with the wiki and other resources, the gameplay at GarouMUSH is meant to be largely player-oriented and player-driven, with a generous dollop of help from the wizards. So take this as kind of introductory document, a thorough OOC and IC resource for both current and aspiring players.

The current IP address for GarouMUSH is, port 7000; or use 7000.

Note to new and returning players: Please page or @mail a wizard for a valid email address to use rather than submitting an application through -- emails sent to this address are currently not being forwarded on to the wizards as they should be.

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Contributing to the Wiki

If you want to contribute to the Wiki, see these helpful sources:

  • To start a new page, go to create a page.
  • For character pages, there are templates you can use for the general infobox and for stats; packs have a general infobox as well. Logs should use this template.
  • Read up on the help files for Wikia.
  • Check the Wishlist for things desired on the Wiki. As always, ask someone experienced with Wikia to help.
  • Check the Worklist to help in our ongoing wiki projects. We need assistance! Please volunteer!
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Welcome to 2017 all! In the hopes of trying to breathe some life back into the game and encourage new faces to join us, I created an anonymous survey for all players - new, old, former, and potential...

Queen's Tower - Boss Fight Planning - Aratare - 2016/06/21 15:17

This is the post that goes along with the bbpost 5/217 in regards to organizing the attack on the Tower.As it stands as of now, the general plans are to have two teams: One making the run on the Tower...

Plot Cliff Notes - ferretgroo - 2016/03/06 22:47

Dealing with two big sprawling metaplots isn't easy, thus I present to you the cold-med influenced cliff notes version of what's going on. Most of this info is either publicly known or probably will b...

2016 Calendar Of Events - UPDATED 2/22/16 - Aratare - 2016/02/08 17:50

With most of us at the point in our lives where we have to Adult more than we like to, and with more meetings now than in times past, I figured a calendar would be a good idea so folks can plan ahead....

Proposal: Moot Reorganization - Aratare - 2016/01/10 07:00

So for time memoriam, we have had the full moon moots. Garou gather, stand around stoically, maybe do some yelling, listen to others brag, and maybe kill something. It is the Nation’s great tradition....
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