The following GarouMUSH-oriented mailing lists exist:

  • : This is a general discussion list for people on the MUSH.
  • : Use this to reach all the wizards.
  • : This reaches one of the wizards doing registration work. Character concepts and requests for newbie guides go here. To reach all the wizards doing registration work, send mail to
  • : This address should be used to submit all feature story applications. Much like our registration rotator, if you haven't heard back within three weeks, a short note to is in order.

The garou-l list is run off of a SmartList server. To subscribe to a list send mail to, with the word 'subscribe' in the message body. To unsubscribe send mail to with the word 'unsubscribe' in the message body.

NOTE, however, that garou-l is almost dead these days, and the vast majority of planning and chat taking place offMUSH does so on the Livejournal community rather than garou-l.

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