Totem of Cunning Background Cost: 4

Magpie, the chatterer. Magpie, the innocuous. Magpie the silly gossip, whose knowledge may one day lay low the Wyrm. Gracious and trembling, regal mother and secret confidante, she sends her packs into dark places to find the shiny bits of truth. Knowing the perils faced by those who ferret out secrets, Magpie grants her children subterfuge, and bids the magpies of the Realm to arm them with knowledge. Magpie is a favored totem of Galliards, and Galliards are likewise favored by Magpie.


  • All pack members may communicate with magpies.
  • All pack members gain +3 dice to any hearing related perception rolls--to better hear conversations not intended to be overheard.
  • When in service of overhearing something, pack members may become more quiet and more difficult to hear.
  • A flock of magpies may be summoned once per day (and only during the day) to harass a single target temporarily for a few rounds. Magpie's followers often use this boon to distract someone so they may sneak past. Magpies summoned into a combat situation might die, and substantial deaths may heap disfavor upon the pack.


  • Magpie's followers must share gossip and secrets with the pack totem, who in turn later shares these with the rest of the pack. There are few secrets among those who pack under Magpie.
  • Magpie's followers, when in a situation where it might be untowardly or inappropriate to reveal a bit of relevant gossip or a secret, must spend a point of willpower to avoid accidentally spilling the beans. Thus, Magpie's followers are either gossipy or typically have half their available willpower capacity (or less) to spend elsewhere.

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