* Name: Lyle Sebastian
   * Former Names: None
   * Gender: Male
   * Date of Birth: 1991


   * Creation Date: December, 2005
   * Departure Date: January 8, 2006 (DECEASED) 

Lyle Sebastian was a teenage schoolmate and friend of Sebastian Crookes, a Get of Fenris cub. When his friend's kinfetch went into action, it correctly found its way to the nearest Get ( Dillen) but managed to lead him back, not to Sebastian, but to Lyle; perhaps the coincidence of names confused it, perhaps it just got mixed.

Lyle found himself confined in the Get of Fenris' brownstone basement and subject to ever increasing levels of violence and desperation in order to bring about his first change. Of course, he couldn't, and the effect of Delirium made him freak out every time he witnessed one of his captors in crinos. Eventually he was killed by Dillen and Brom, and his body buried in a remote location. These unfortunate circumstances caused a great deal of tension and dispute between Dillen, Brom and Emma.

Lyle was originally from Bend, Oregon. He had a German Shepherd dog named Radium, and enjoyed playing drums. His parents were divorced and his mother's remarriage took them to St. Claire.

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