Permanently bound to Harbor Park, Luna's Face is a Bastet fetish originally obtained by Kaz on her Adren challenge. It was stolen by Karuvar in 2012, though its return was eventually negotiated and secured.

Description Edit

Roughly the size of a soccer ball, it's slightly oval, made of some opalescent stone, and decorated in gold, silver, and precious stones.


  • This fetish always keeps the Harbor Park Umbra lit with the light of the full moon regardless of time or day, rendering the location (mostly) safe from hostile spirits.
  • Any Bastet may use the Harbor Park Umbra as if it were a communal Den Realm; any attempt at individual claim automatically fails, including the creation of any structures. All other normal benefits of the Den Realm persist.
  • Wizards, see +gminfo #2881 for more information.
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