• Name: Lost Girl
    2013 04 11 LostGirl

    Who's this grumpy kid?

  • Other Names: Too many to list, both offline and online. Her "real" name is Emily Barrett, but good luck finding that out.
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Ratkin
  • Breed: Homid
  • Aspect: Twitcher
  • Rank: Rakka (1)
  • Positions: Token Rat-in-the-Walls (tm).


Twitcher-aspected Ratkin have an uncanny knack for anonymity, even among their own kind. And this one in particular hasn't actually done anything yet to get herself a rep. In RL she's just another homeless teenager, usually quiet, kinda shy in a creepy kind of way, and usually found with her nose buried in a laptop that she's /probably/ stolen from somewhere, leeching off someone's wifi signal. Online, she's active on Twitter, Tumblr, and all sorts of forums, hiding behind dozens of different web-identities as she noses about the Internet, poking her nose into all sorts of subjects. A real little terrorist in the making... if she doesn't get distracted by the latest squeeing over Homestuck.



A slumpy, slouchy Caucasian teenager in shabby, shapeless clothing. She's maybe a few inches over five feet tall, a round-faced slob with tangled, greasy brown hair that's messily gathered into two ponytails, a large round nose, and a slight overbite. Her brown eyes are heavy-lidded and heavy-lashed and usually downcast, rarely meeting anyone else's. Her current t-shirt is grey with a bright yellow smiley face on the front surrounded by the words HAVE A NICE DAY. Along with that, she's got faded jeans with ragged cuffs that drag on the ground, dirty sneakers, and a "fashionable and hip" black trenchcoat and fedora. She's usually carrying a backpack as well; it's blue and grey and looks as shabby as the rest of her.


Take an ordinary female brown sewer rat, stand her on her hind legs, and make her a little over six feet tall (though with a tendency to hunch). Give her long-fingered hands with ugly claws and drape her in a shabby black trenchcoat. It's a sight that'd make most normal people run screaming, to be sure. This particular specimen looks pretty unkempt and twitchy. Violence seems likely.


This female brown rat looks pretty normal apart from being a little unkempt and, well, twitchy. Prone to biting, perhaps. But otherwise, just a rat.


  • Creation Date: 31 March 2013
  • Creation Rank: 1
  • Departure Date: N/A
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