Lord of the Flies
A War pack under Wendigo
Territory: That Spot Over There
Alpha: Samuel Wolfe ~Runs-Like-A-Mack-Truck~
Beta: Dorothy Parker ~Constant-Reader~
Members: Larry Bird ~How's-The-Weather-Up-There~
Martha Stewart ~Good-Thing~
Former Members: Michael Jackson ~Ee-Hee~
Spirit Name: Piggy
OOC Information
Creation Date: 1999
Departure Date: 2525

Lord of the Flies was formed by Samuel Wolfe, who was its alpha until the end, when the boat of garou were marooned on an uninhabited island in the pacific-northwest. Seeking guidance from above, they were answered by a rotund Wendigo spirit who advised eating eachother to survive. When they finally escaped the island, they wrote a memoir about their ordeal, which was a best seller. They recieved court summons from Erebus, when a deceased English author sued them for very poorly done plagiarism.

The pack travelled to the realm in 2009 to clear up the legal issues, and accidentally mistook the silver river for a wishing well. This made Charyss, the ruler of the realm, rather angry, and the pack was forced to spend the next 500+ years picking their coins out of the bottom of the river. They are also entirely fictional, and exists only to show you what should be written in a pack entry.

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