• Name: Sept of the Lonely Howl
  • Location: [Locale], Just over the border from New Mexico, Mexico
  • Composition: Black Fury, Child of Gaia, some Uktena
  • Totem: Coyote
  • Nature: Cunning
  • Level: Unknown
  • Sept Alpha: Unknown
  • Caern Warder: Artemis Kitiri, "Gallops With the Fury of Pegasus", Adren Theruge of the Black Furies
  • Moon Bridges: Unknown

Additional NotesEdit

October 2009: Lonely Howl was a defunct Nuwisha caern until it was discovered by a pair of rather adventurous Black Furies. They recruited some additional Furies, Gaians, and progressive Uktena. Within a few months, they managed to reopen the Caern. It is now the Sept of the Lonely Howl, and very oddly, it has Coyote as the Caern totem. He's proving to be a rather tricksy Caern Totem, making the Garou really work for everything he gives. The actual Caern location is a closely guarded secret at the moment and, given the work in reopening it, the Sept itself is still rather closed to most outsiders. The news relaying the reopening of this caern was relayed to the Hidden Walk by the Hit the Road news pack at the October 2009 moot.

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