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Thou Shall Not Mate With Other Garou Edit

Black Furies - The Furies are not exactly easy on Metis making them work twice as hard. However, they also don't shun them. The parents are punished and the children are made to make up for being 'conceived in sin'. They do state that sex with other Garou is okay if it is guaranteed not to result in pregnancy (woman love for the win).

Bone Gnawers - Bone Gnawers have the largest number of Metis. This is not just a result of their breeding but in taking in 'strays' from other unions as well from other tribes. The do not shun the Metis finding them innocent of their parent's choice and blameless for it. The only rule they really have on this is don't get caught.

Children of Gaia - They are slightly lax on this rule. They are completely against the breeding of Metis, more for the danger of the mother than for what the Metis is. They say to use precaution and to remember condoms and birth control don't always work with Garou biology.

Fianna - The Fianna, along with Wendigo, are some of the strictest on this rule. It's not uncommon for charaches to be ostracized, expelled from the tribe, and in cases, summarily killed for their crimes. Metis are tolerated by the thinnest margin by most tribemembers, and don't even count as second class citizens.

Get of Fenris - This is a strict rule to be followed. If two Garou lie with each other, both are punished severely and they are removed from the tribe. However, if Metis results, they are allowed to prove themselves without prejudice. The Garou parents are forced to raise the child and suffer the dishonor their children do not have to. They frown on all sorts of sex with other Garou. Same sex is a double crime in traditional eyes because it also takes away from creating more Fenrir into the ranks.

Glass Walkers - This is the more progressive of the tribe. They allow Metis into their ranks because they view them as being closer to Gaia than homid borns. However, they are pretty neutral beyond this in the law. Most would not lay with a Garou as it doesn't do right by their kinfolk. However, this is more a don't ask and don't tell sort of situation.

Red Talons - They frown on this and there are few Metis in this tribe. They breed when the bitches go into heat and not for pleasure. They view sex for pleasure as being too human in nature. The parents are punished severely, but the Metis are allowed to prove themselves.

Shadow Lords - Don't do it! The parents are severely punished for this and Metis are viewed as a by-product of failure.

Silent Striders - It gets lonely on the road. Silent Striders tend to sort of ignore this law and look the other way. However, they understand that other tribes will not be so understanding.

Silver Fangs - Parents of Metis are marked upon their backs with a sigil of their failure. The Metis are not to blame but they are not to be looked upon with respect either; they are given the lowest ranks of Garou society.

Stargazers - Left off as they are not currently allowed on the MU*

Uktena - The children are not to blame and the parents are punished. However, the Metis are not fully accepted either.

Wendigo - Metis are an affront to nature. The parents are punished for this and it is rare to find them within the ranks of Wendigo society. Metis are allowed to stay within the tribe and prove themselves, but they are not coddled

Combat The Wyrm Wherever It Dwells And Whenever It Breeds Edit

Black Furies - They do not blame the Wyrm for all things that have gone wrong. However, they do agree that if you have a shot to take it, but perhaps not to go out looking for it.

Bone Gnawers - Many view them as cowards, but they choose their battles. It is senseless to most to rush off and battle when the odds are not in their favor. As well this tribe has a rich history of actually doing business with the Wyrm-tainted.

Children of Gaia - Violence only begets violence. So one will try to find a peaceful alternative to this and they only fight if there has been an official call to battle.

Fianna - They follow this rule as it is a reason to exist. Where the Wyrm go, they go. They fight, they defeat it and then they go home and celebrate.

Get of Fenris - One must fight the Wyrm on every front and they must never surrender. They do not rush into battle but use forethought to get the maximum damage.

Glass Walkers - As city dwellers they are surrounded by the Wyrm. They do not seek to destroy the city where it dwells or well there would be one less tribe. They tend to destroy smaller packs and avoid the others. It is better to do small cases then die in a large one.

Red Talons - It would be better to destroy the humans that the Wyrm use to taint then to destroy the Wyrm. This tribe finds humans to be more of an issue.

Shadow Lords - Most Shadow Lords would rather be the planner behind the warrior. They will try to get other tribes to actually fight the fight, but will come up with the battle plan on their own. It fosters their position and guarantees less casualties for their tribe.

Silent Striders - They don't fight, they scout. They do not desire to battle the Wyrm and actually ignore the law in that view. They will however find them and report back to let others fight and destroy.

Silver Fangs - They tend to be the frontline fighters of this war. They are quick to fight the taint where they find it to the point of 'insanity'. They view those that want to wait as cowards.

Stargazers - Left off and not allowed on the MU* at this time.

Uktena - To know the enemy is to know their weaknesses. They wish to defeat them as simply and quickly as possible. However, they are not above learning of them before they attack.

Wendigo - They are fierce in battle. They think the fight it the best and strive for eradication. If one tainted does not submit to being purified, they are killed. It is that easy.

Respect The Territory of Another Edit

Black Furies - You should always present yourself and state your intentions when entering someone else's territory. This does not give you the right to stay however. You must respect another's domain as you would have yours respected.

Bone Gnawers - Don't stir up trouble at someone else's home. Don't threaten the Veil where someone else lives. Don't raid places where another Garou needs food. Don't mark walls and lampposts with your urine unless you're damn sure you can defend that territory, and don't beg on another pack's corner.

Children of Gaia - It is good to be polite. They view themselves as the diplomats of the tribes and it is easier to foster relations if you respect that which is not yours.

Fianna - You respect as you would like to be respected. When it comes to breeding rights, you stay away from other tribe's kinfolk unless the leader has granted you permission. You do not mess with another person's claimed kinfolk unless they claimed by a human (non-kinfolk) or wolf.

Get of Fenris - As long as other Garou remain weak this law is flawed. One should attempt to show courtesy but if respect is not given; then it is fine to give them an 'etiquette lesson'. As well this is one of the ignored laws as the nation is at war and fighting the wyrm takes duty over etiquette.

Glass Walkers - Don't try to take over another's turf, don't set yourself in competition with them in the business and respect it as you would respect your own.

Red Talons - The spoils go to the strongest. They hold their hunting lands because they are the strongest of all creatures and find it to be corruption of humans that this is even listed. The humans have invaded their territory and they need to do something to secure it back to the true breed.

Shadow Lords - Do not let this law restrict your activities overmuch. This is mostly a matter of courtesy and ceremony and acts of aggression are primarily frowned on. However one is at war and one must do what one must.

Silent Striders - Run quietly - What they don't know can't hurt you.

Silver Fangs - Technically speaking, all lands belong to them. It is upon them though to show how the litany is to be conducted. So show respect to others and suffer them their claims. If one desires to take what is rightfully theirs, then they may; but act with forethought.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - They are split. Some disobey this rule as it was disobeyed against them. Why suffer a rule that no one else did for them? Others hold it to code to show they are above those that would oppress and take from them.

Wendigo - This is a joke. It is the white man's fault for the decay of what was theirs. This tribe will come and go as it pleases and if one gets informed; count themselves lucky.

Accept Honorable Surrender Edit

Black Furies - Never initiate a challenge without good cause. If one is posed try to use games or endurance or have the Master of Challenges declare to first blood. Do not die for your pride. A dead Garou (or two dead Garou) are not a great force for Gaia.

Bone Gnawers - Most use this to their benefit. They are masters of groveling, scraping and bowing to get out of a brawl. With challenges they tend to use their strengths of wisdom to their advantage. The only break in this rule is the Rabble. If someone messes with the Rabble they will play dirty and kick them while they are down.

Children of Gaia - Show mercy and democracy. There is no reason to add more violence to an already violent world. When one offers for surrender or quarter, give it.

Fianna - This only applies to other Garou. Feel free to fight for dominance, but don't kill other Garou for it.

Get of Fenris - One cannot just eradicate champions of Gaia because they had the lack of vision to challenge a Get. If it is offered in good faith, you must honor it. Showing one's throat is not enough, they must be completely defeated in their surrender. There are times when quarter has not been given due to the vicious nature of Get's fighting. Be mindful of this law, even if there are some that don't deserve it.

Glass Walkers - Within the tribe this one barely gets observed at all. They tend to fight, but try not to fight to the death. With other tribes though, this is recognized and given.

Red Talons - They accept it and they request it. They grow up with fights of dominance so it is proper to give surrender to the more strong of the two. However, they are also known to rage and fight to the death. So it is a risk one must take.

Shadow Lords - Accept it! It leaves the requester beholden to you and that gives you an advantage over the person. If you suspect the surrender is not honorable however, kill them on the spot. This is especially true of Klaive duels.

Silent Striders - Uphold this rule, although it is unlike for another Garou to find it honorable to surrender to a Strider.

Silver Fangs - Misused and inviolate. One should accept it as honor is everything. However, it is very hard for a Silver Fang to actually ask for it.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - They will accept it but sometimes demand an eye for an eye. In this case they will require a secret of the opponent to give them leverage.

Wendigo - They are too few in numbers to desire another's death. If one from another tribe must die, then it should be viewed as a lesson to that other tribe.

Submission Of Those Of Higher Station Edit

Black Furies - This is one they commonly ignore. Since some view higher station to mean man as well the Furies are not big on submission. The newer into the tribe seem to do this less, finding men of any tribe as fair game to mess with. If one of the sisters gets in trouble, it is the duty of all the tribe to assist them. Or else.

Bone Gnawers - With other tribes they will submit for survival reasons, but respect is not actually given. They do not respect that which is demanded to be given. Within their own tribe, they hold elders with high regard. It is a tough life and those that have survived deserve praise.

Children of Gaia - It is an outmodeled idea. However, there is need for one to be the center and the go to for all things. Gaian tend to view each other as equals except when a final call needs to be made. They really don't ask for submission, but they will grant it for diplomacy.

Fianna - They are unruly and tend not to be happy with any leader. It does not mean they don't respect the leader though. They will test and push them to keep them on their toes.

Get of Fenris - Do not oppose your elders without a very good reason. Punishment is severe if you should do such without good cause. They believe in keeping, protecting and respecting the command structure.

Glass Walkers - When it is needed, they defer to their elders. However, most believe in talking it over and coming to an equal say and stance on most matters. In war though, one needs a leader.

Red Talons - Inside the tribe, the elders are given respect. Outside of it, there may be a stare down that happens.

Shadow Lords - Follow only those that are worthy to be followed. In that, it is okay to lower before another of station, but never cow to them. Follow their plan if it is superior to your own.

Silent Striders - Submit to your elders. You will learn who is the right one to bare your throats to and who isn't.

Silver Fangs - All other tribes should submit to the Silver Fangs, although it is no longer expected. They do respect the hierarchy of other tribes though, even if all other tribes are beneath them.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - They do this, but not without grumbling. They would not defy Gaia, but they do view all but the pure ones as unworthy of this act.

Wendigo - Simply put - This is how it should be. They follow this as Gaia requests of them

The First Share Of The Kill To The Greatest In Station Edit

Black Furies - The spoils of war go to those that deserve. If this means a cub or if this means one not of alpha, it still holds true. Not all alphas are this forwards thinking but most of them are.

Bone Gnawers - They are used to living on the cast offs of the spoils, their name is deserved. They have no problem being the last to receive. Although, it is slightly different if they are all scavengers.

Children of Gaia - It is fair. Trust in the leader to split the spoils of how they need to be split correctly. Keep warriors strong, keep others safe.

Fianna - This is not understood. For the greatest in station should be the one getting the kill to begin with. Perhaps this is just a warning to young cubs?

Get of Fenris - Trinkets are given to those who might use them best. It is trusted that the leaders will be able to hand them out accordingly. However, they should be offered to those higher in rank in respect.

Glass Walkers - They ignore it. Maximum efficiency. Most items are shared among the tribe for who ever can use the best or has the most need for it.

Red Talons - They take this literally. The alpha eats first.

Shadow Lords - The elder /should/ get the first choice, however they tend to separate the spoils by who was the most clever in the defeat.

Silent Striders - Respect and trust. It comes down to those two principals. They should offer it to their elder out of respect, but not all do. Those that are found to pocket possessions tend to be looked at poorly. Honor among thieves and all that.

Silver Fangs - This refers to all things found and won. It is ceremony to offer it to the elder, but most elders allow the victor to keep it.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - This is done, but it is watched. This is a time for a good leader to show his compassion and to make sure his greed does not rule him (or her).

Wendigo - A wise leader sees that all of his/her tribe is fed and taken care of. The spoils given to the elder to make sure that happens.

Ye Shall Not Eat The Flesh Of Humans Edit

Black Furies - Don't eat humans. You are what you eat, in some cases literally. It is normally full of chemicals from what the humans eat and will take you further from your human roots. It is also rumored to be highly addictive. So try not to do it.

Bone Gnawers - This tribe actively seeks and slays eaters of human flesh. It has brought too much dishonor to the Garou Nation. They will not feed off a human, even if hungry.

Children of Gaia - Don't eat humans it is forbidden. There is really no diplomatic argument for the other side.

Fianna - Don't do it. Eating human flesh drives you mad. It scares Kin to hear if you do it and there goes your chances of getting laid. It is rumored to taste awful.

Get of Fenris - This is just a given in life. Who would want to? As well it causes stress on the lupine kin because humans fear more and hunt them. Be mindful of this.

Glass Walkers - This is upheld and not questioned.

Red Talons - Humans are prey. They pretty much ignore this rule. Humans may think they are a predator, but they are just prey mimicking their true predator. The only thing is that the flesh must be cleaned (there is a ritual) of all chemicals before it can be consumed.

Shadow Lords - Don't do it. It damages the position of the tribe to be viewed more as monsters by humans.

Silent Striders - There was a time they would eat them to gain power, now it is just not done.

Silver Fangs - Do not eat the flesh of an animal that had no pact made in the dawning of time. Do not eat the flesh of human or wolves.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uketena - They don't do it, or so anyone can figure. In ancient times they used to eat the flesh to get the secrets of the person. Some may still do that, but not that any can find.

Wendigo - Rumor and suspicion point to this tribe and say they have done such things. However, they deny it saying it would be foolish to eat the flesh of humans. This is a don't do it.

Respect Those Beneath You All Are Of Gaia Edit

Black Furies - More do onto others as you would have done onto you. It is more the golden rule on how to deal with people, everyone which is Gaia created.

Bone Gnawers - There really aren't too many below the Gnawers in station. Within their own tribe, it is expected. If it is ignored leaders may find a rebellion upon their hands.

Children of Gaia - Respect everyone weaker than you and protect them, this goes for Kinfolk as well. It is your duty to protect the weaker and less fortunate.

Fianna - Common sense. This is what you are fighting for. If you do not have it to come home to, then you have only a hollow victory.

Get of Fenris - As the greatest champions of Gaia, it is your duty to protect all things beneath you. This is especially true of humans that are weak. You are to step in and protect them even if it is unwanted and incurs their anger (normally only when Wyrm is involved.)

Glass Walkers - One of the elitist tribes, some people just don't cut it. However, they uphold this law because they have to, not so much because they believe fully in it. One person though can accomplish great things.

Red Talons - They pretty much disregard this one. No one deserves respect merely because they exist. The world would exist without them.

Shadow Lords - This is the reason for which we fight, you must honor all, including your prey; least your ambition cloud your foresight.

Silent Striders - The cubs are the future leaders and should be taught with respect to give respect.

Silver Fangs - It is the proper and difficult thing to do, but as perfect leaders they are called to show respect; even if it is not given to them.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - Value those beneath you to be a fair ruler. Value kinfolk because without them half as much would be accomplished.

Wendigo - It is why they are so close with their kinfolks, they share and value everything.

The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted Edit

Black Furies - This is protection for the Garous as they will become hunted as not every human forgets. It also strives to protect the human. For to see a creature shift may give them nightmares for the rest of their life or something more traumatic upon them.

Bone Gnawers - Most are forbidden to even wear their lupine form in the cities. It is easier for the city dwellers to break the veil and thus they are more consciously aware; least they become hunted.

Children of Gaia - The veil is weak for them. They have to be additionally careful because they want to interact and assist so much. The veil must not be lifted though.

Fianna - Keep it in place as the humans would just get in the way of what needs to be fought.

Get of Fenris - They are here to protect of of Gaia's children, even humans. In this they must not break the veil in order to protect them.

Glass Walkers - This is rigidly enforced. Unlike other tribes, these members have street addresses and ways to hunt them down should it be broken.

Red Talons - They don't really care about this rule. The only reason they follow it is to protect the wolves from being slaughtered by humans more than they already are. They don't care if humans suffer, just the wolf kin.

Shadow Lords - They keep the veil to foster their own plans. The only way they can stay ahead of the ever growing human population is in shadows and secrecy.

Silent Striders - This is common sense. Life is hard enough on the road without being feared for what you are.

Silver Fangs - There was a time they walked in their war forms and shattered the minds of many a human and humanity. They have sadly learned from the past and hold this one true. Though to fight Wyrm, it is not always easy to obey this and exceptions are made.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - It is a curse and a blessing. It allows humanity to stay out of Garou affairs and to be protected. However, as a curse there are those that can live and fight beside the Uktena, Pure Ones.

Wendigo - They don't exactly keep the veil. They share it with their kinfolk and open it to them. They do give them time to be afraid, but acceptance is always had.

Do Not Suffer Thy People To Tend Thy Sickness Edit

Black Furies - Go to death with courage and conviction. If you do not die in battle, then leave your tribe so as not to be a burden if you can no longer fight.

Bone Gnawers - This includes mental illness too. Those that cannot live on their own become a liability to others and volunteer to leave.

Children of Gaia - If they are still of use, then they are valued. This means just because a Garou gets old or 'run down' does not mean they must leave. It does not suffer a tribe that volunteers to assist them.

Fianna - It is a crime to take advantage of your family. To have them care for you when you can no longer care for yourself is such a thing. It is hard rule to follow to leave family, but it is the best for them.

Get of Fenris - Most die in battle as it should be. However, some are maimed and not killed. They are allowed within the tribe in other positions. This is not an enforced rule unless the Garou is using valuable resources without a contribution.

Glass Walkers - They don't suffer them. They retire them. They tend to just go off and sever ties while they live into old age. If they cannot afford it, one of the others in the tribe sets up a retirement fund for them. However, should the Wyrm attack them, there is a bloody vengeance to be had.

Red Talons - They wander off to die alone. If they do not realize they are tainted, the pack shows respect by hunting them down and killing them.

Shadow Lords - If one is not able to hold their own in their pack, they are not fit to live. Use caution though with your challenges, for misunderstanding your opponent due to age may get /you/ culled.

Silent Striders - If you are too weak to run, you are too weak to live.

Silver Fangs - Some say that the tribe ignores this rule and as punishment the insanity rules their brains and their ancestors. There are very few Silver Fangs that are ever put to pasture.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - They tend to go on a quest spawned by dreams and visions, and never return.

Wendigo - You may not take from the tribe without giving back. If this happens one leaves the tribe.

The Leader May Be Challenged At Any Time During Peace Edit

Black Furies - Younger furies get angry at this law. When is there ever a time of peace? They feel the change dangled before them and then pulled away.

Bone Gnawers - Freedom is a privilege in time of peace but pack mentality is needed for a time of war. They don't really question their elders, they just tend to ignore them.

Children of Gaia - They respect the challenge for change, though most are non-violent methods of choice.

Fianna - It's all about dominance. A leader /should/ be challenged to stay on their toes. It shows them the superior ones to be the leaders.

Get of Fenris - It is the duty to test the leaders, however there is a time and place for such challenges to be issued; moot.

Glass Walkers - This can be summed up by: Leaders are challenged in private not in public. There is no time limits on when it should be done, as society of this tribe is built upon challenges.

Red Talons - They challenge the leader to keep them on their feet and to keep them strong.

Shadow Lords - This is a mandate. Many Lords think it is okay to embarrass or undermine their leaders for their own personal gain. These Lords will probably die. One must challenge their leader and even enemies will help if the leader is corrupt.

Silent Striders - If the leader is a fool he forfeits his rights to lead and must be challenged.

Silver Fangs - It is not their custom to challenge their alpha. It was put into place in case one needed to be removed that there was a ceremony to do so. Times of peace are far too small to do a challenge at such times.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - There is no right or wrong time to challenge

Wendigo - A leader that knows they must prove themselves strong, is a strong leader.

The Leader May Not Be Challenged During Wartime Edit

Black Furies - Don't question the alphas in battle, you may get dead.

Bone Gnawers - They really don't challenge and not when it might lead to death. It is better to just ignore an order than to act and die.

Children of Gaia - They respect each other and those that fight the good fight. There is no need to add undo challenges when at wartime.

Fianna - Don't fight with each other when there is an enemy to fight - pretty common sense.

Get of Fenris - This is ironclad. Never question a leader when in the middle of the battle, there are other times to voice disagreements.

Glass Walkers - Challenge privately and never publicly.

Red Talons - They pack fight. When at war it is the whole pack acting as one force

Shadow Lords - This doesn't just apply to battle either. The leader should not be challenged while the tribe is trying to accomplish something.

Silent Striders - They follow this unless the leader has slipped and should no longer be in charge.

Silver Fangs - Inviolate. It is an act of idiocy to do so during a time of struggle.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time.

Uktena - There is no real good time, however during quiet times of 'peace' it is better. If the leader has lost perspective though, they should be corrected.

Wendigo - It is madness to challenge a leader who is there to lead when the wyrm is beating on your door. It is simply just not done.

Ye Shall Take No Action That Allows A Caern To Be Violated Edit

Black Furies - This is not up for discussion. It just is. Accept it.

Bone Gnawers - City Caerns are very few. If one causes it to be lost they are exiled from /all/ tribes and forced to be on the streets alone. If they live.

Children of Gaia - They tend to think that humans are better in their area and protection. They try to hide their own caerns in plain sight.

Fianna - There is no atoning for this crime, ever. You do not let the enemy into your home, ever.

Get of Fenris - Do not bring anything, even items, that could violate the caern. If one does they will see what a bad death is like.

Glass Walkers - Or you will die! There is no room for compassion or ignorance. You violate this and you die.

Red Talons - If a human sets foot on the caern, they die. They will be hunted until they are found and they will be eradicated.

Shadow Lords - No exceptions ever. You will die painfully if you violate this one.

Silent Striders - If you violate it, you will appreciate everything about your life - just before they end it.

Silver Fangs - Do not misuse the caern. Don't bring people to it that will harm it and don't let the power stay stagnate there. Use the power against the wyrm.

Stargazers - Not allowed at this time

Uktena - This moves beyond sacred to secretive protection. Their caerns are built on things to protect others of what lies beneath them. They will protect it at all costs.

Wendigo - They have lost so many. They lie under parking garages now, they are stripped by greed by the white man and they were stolen. So the crime they will never forgive is the same reason that they will never let others take it. To violate this will come the worst death they can inflict.

As taken from various tribebooks, of differing editions. The tribebooks, while mined for useful content, are not always fully accepted on-MUSH.

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