The Litany is the code of laws of the Garou. Violating the tenets is a foolish action, as Garou justice is not particularly forgiving. The tenets are:

  • Garou Shall Not Mate with Garou
  • Combat the Wyrm Where It Dwells and Whenever It Breeds
  • Respect the Territory of Another
  • Accept an Honorable Surrender
  • Submission to Those of Higher Station
  • The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest in Station
  • Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans
  • Respect for Those Below Ye in Station -- All Are of Gaia
  • The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted
  • Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness in Death
  • The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time of Peace
  • The Leader May Not Be Challenged in Time of War
  • Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated

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