King of the beasts, Lion has always been known for his strength and nobility. Lion has fallen out of grace with younger Garou, for he resists change -- especially the encroachment of the cities, which disturb the animal kingdom's order. Many younger Garou see Lion as stuck in the past and a totem for backwards Garou afraid of technology or bleeding heart bunny huggers. Traditionalist Garou (and tribal elders) more readily recognize the important role that Lion packs play in attempting to maintain a balance that has become lost. Silver Fangs, in particular, still revere Lion and treat his packs favorably.

Background cost: 5


  • Normal animals will never attack or intimidate Garou who pack under Lion. Safe passage and respect is always given.
  • Garou following Lion may use the Gift: King of the Beasts, once per week.
  • Lion's brood may instantly and unerringly detect Wyrm taint in normal animals (excludes humans and supernatural creatures). Tainted animals (and sometimes fomorized animals; GM discretion) will flee from Lion's followers rather than fight.
  • They may unleash an intimidating roar (which dismays and terrifies foes; GM discretion on the mechanical aspect) once a week.


  • Lion's followers must attempt to cleanse any tainted animals in order to try and save them. If a cleansing fails, the tainted animal may only then be culled. "Normal" animal spirits (Magpie, Cougar, etc., but not Wyvern, Unicorn, etc.) may seek out Lion pack's assistance if there are such tainted animals, or other disturbances in the forest. This allows the pack the opportunity to stop harm from happening before any other Garou are aware there is a problem. If they do not follow through with these errands of mercy, Lion will no longer come to them.
  • Lion dislikes the cities and requires his packs to work to slow or halt the spread of humanity whenever it is within the capabilities of the pack. (Lion requires his pack to be smart and use good judgment, not act in a suicidal manner.)
  • Packmates who go to a city or use modern technology (any man-made item that's less than 50 years old) for anything other than to further Lion's purposes temporarily lose Lion's favor (all boons) for one month per offense. Contrition typically shortens the loss to one week.
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