(Mage) This background represents not only books, scrolls, and databases a Mage may have access to filled with information, both mundane or occult, but could also represent mundane people in the Mage's background with applicable information (NOTE: the Mentor background should be used to represent NPC Mages willing to teach the character). Libraries are useful for studies into the mundane or occult knowledge, or the principles behind the Spheres. The mage must have access to these Library sources in order to utilize the background, and must study over some time frame to gain a benefit from them.

NOTE: This background may be shared with other Mages with the discretion of the Mage with the background points.

  1. A collection of New Age paperbacks
  2. A few notable works and lots of superficial stuff.
  3. A handful of rare and ancient books, and vast mundane resources.
  4. An impressive collection of occult and mortal lore.
  5. A hoard of lost secrets, a sea of common wisdom.
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