(Garou, Kinfolk) Kinfolk are people who are related to the Garou by blood and are immune to the Delirium, who know about the Garou and are willing to help out. They may be "just humans", but they're on their side and can prove really invaluable for running day-to-day support type operations for the Garou, or when having a Rage-filled Garou interact with someone important would be like releasing a bull in a china shop. (A Garou with a mere 3 Rage is going to wig out nearly a third of the human population in normal social situations.) Another advantage of Kinfolk: no one seems to be able to detect them as being anything but Joe Human. Where another super might be able to sniff out a Garou trying to infiltrate an organization, Kinfolk can waltz right through the front door with the rest of the staff.

  1. You have 2 Kinfolk on your side like this
  2. There are 5 Kinfolk ready to help you out
  3. You have 10 Kinfolk behind you
  4. 20 Kinfolk will come to your aid
  5. Call out the troops, there are 50 of 'em
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