A kinfetch is a small, Tribal spirit that is bound to a Garou child upon birth, tasked with the duty of seeking out members of that child's Tribe and warning them when the child nears their First Change.

Kinfetches take the form of the Tribe's Totem, thus making it fairly easy--assuming the 'right' kinfetch was bound--to identify a cub's Tribe.

Much to the dismay of many Garou, kinfetches are not particularly aware or intelligent spirits. Although they might attempt to seek someone of their Tribe, they'll just as readily take whatever Garou comes to hand. Keeping the cub from having a bad, public First Change is their first order of business; finding the right Tribe is a secondary bonus.

Because kinfetches can be seen by any Garou, there are sometimes cases where a kinfetch to a Black Spiral Dancer cub is seen by Gaian Garou, allowing for the reclamation of an unCorrupted cub. Sadly the reverse can happen as well, and Gaian cubs have been lost to Spirals when their fetches were not seen by Gaian Garou, but by their enemies.

Garou do not need to have special Gifts or abilities to see a kinfetch; they can always see them (with special circumstances as per GM discretion). A Garou kinfetch cannot automatically be seen by other supernaturals such as Mages, Vampires, and other Shifters. Other supernaturals who have the correct abilities can sense the kinfetch if they know to look for it or happen to be using those abilities when one comes by.

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