Kaz in homid and lupus, by Hazmat

Kaz in crinos, by Hazmat

  • Name: Kaz, ~Ears-to-the-Ground~
  • Former Names: Chris Jones, to humans. Kazzamataz, Zee, Kazbo, and various others, to various dead people. Mama Kaz, to Bernie. Ears, to Garou. Ears-to-the-Ground, for the formal among us.
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Metis
  • Auspice: Galliard
  • Tribe: Bone Gnawers
  • Rank: Adren
  • Date of Birth: 1974 sometime.
  • Positions: Master of the Challege, Sept Alpha, Bone Gnawer Elder. Alpha of Trouble and The Crew. Beta of Ring of Fire. Occasionally Alpha of Vendetta, occasionally not.


  • Creation Date: May, 1999?
  • Creation Rank: Cliath
  • Departure Date: Currently Around

Notes: Kaz is a Gnawer, a Galliard, and a metis. All of these combine to create a somewhat crude, generally loving, lower-class almost-bum who talks. A lot. Often sarcastically. But she's had about 30 years of Garou experience, so she tries, in her earthy kind of way, to be an anchor for those less familiar with Garou life, and others needing support.

In no longer breaking news, Kaz beat Vera for Sept Alpha. (In 2008.) A more bizarre choice for Alpha one could not imagine, but Kaz, fully aware of just how improbable her success and her reign are, intends to try and do it right. She seems to have led the Sept (or let Stacey lead the Sept) to victory in Spokane, but she's ruffled some feathers since then. But how could a Bone Gnawer metis not ruffle feathers, after all?

In 2011, Kaz up and left, dropping the Alphaship onto Silvertip, thud. (Sorry about that, chief.) She seems to have gone to Portland. At least, for a while. And then... she was elsewhere. And now she's back! And Adren, not Athro. ...Wait, what? If asked, she'll mutter something about Shadow Lords and either rant energetically, or change the subject. Let's see which!

OOC note: For those wishing to bring characters on, Kaz has been all over the US, in particular in Pittsburgh, West Virginia, New Yawk, the Midwest, Oregon (Portland in particular), and California. Also bits of Canada and Mexico. Most lately, she's mostly been in Portland and the mid-West (and people in Colorado may have heard of an unfortunate experience at a Sept there). If you need contacts for your character, be it Gnawer or even vaguely city-oriented, sling me an @mail. Also, if Kaz isn't around, she may well ICly be over in Portland.

Stats of note: Str & Sta 5, Dex 2, so basically, she's a slow moving tank. Also, Perception 4, so she's a slow moving tank who can spot you a mile away. Also, Charisma 4. So she's a slow moving tank who can spot you a mile away, but who you inexplicably like anyway.

Preceded by:
Sept Alpha
Succeeded by:<br./>Little Silvertip
Preceded by:
Master of the Challenge
Aug 2007-Feb 2009
Succeeded by:<br./>Kenneth
Preceded by:
Bone Gnawer Elder
Succeeded by:<br./>Renee
Preceded by:
Bone Gnawer Elder
Succeeded by:<br./>Camille
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