Justin Statton
IC Information
Full Name: Justin Statton
Deed Name: Mouse Trap
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (but looks 21)
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Sept Position: none
Pack:  Tactical_Frivolity
Pack Position: Alpha
Height: 6'2
Weight: 150
Hair: Shaggy Dirty Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Nature: Competitor
Demeanor: Survivor
OOC Information
Theme Song: Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper
Status: Alive / On-Screen
Player: Dynamite (Dynamite, OOC bot)
Justin Statton


It was fifteen years ago that Justin was born in a free clinic’s lobby in St. Claire in the middle of the night.  His mother, Audrey DeSantos, is a single-mother parent who had a few-night stands with a guy that she thought was beginning to take shape into a true relationship, but much like most Garou, they tend to be here one day and dead the next.  The kinfolk, twenty years at the time, dropped out of College in a pursuit of an Associates Degree in Retail Management to raise her child.  Her aunt, an old crone came out from Seattle to take a look at the infant when he was a month old under a full moon.  She gave a warm, happy smile as she applied the small marking behind his ear with a spot of honey and dust and followed with a soft whispery prayer as she baptized the child with the spiritual and invisible mark of a Garou.  Audrey was overjoyed with her good fortune despite knowing that the road ahead for both of them will be long and difficult.  As tribute to her late boyfriend who blessed her with this child, she gave Justin his last name. 

Raising a child mostly on her own with the help of her own parents was a challenge.  As Audrey balanced a full-time job at McDonald’s as a shift manager, she tried her best to scrounge enough money to go back to her community college life.  Because of this, his grandparents raised Justin during the day and by his mother during the night. After a few years of struggle, Audrey moved from St. Claire with Justin back into her grandparent’s house in New Brunswick about a half hour away and down the river so that she can live rent-free and save money for the long run. Her father was a retired prison guard from St. Claire’s prison system and his loving wife was a stay at home mother and Gnawer kin before Audrey moved out to start a life in the big city and they had a small, comfortable two bedroom house with a single bathroom, which made the later years much more difficult.  Her grandparents met by chance while he was on a vacation in Seattle.  Ken, his grandfather, was visiting family when he met Suzie who was a barista at a coffee shop nearly forty years ago.  The two kept in touch and eventually fell in love.  She decided to move to New Brunswick to be with her husband, leaving her sister Beatty, who also went by the name of ~Ears-To-Tin-Cans~, a Theurge of the Bone Gnawers, behind.  Beatty eventually was the older Crone who gave Justin his baptism ritual.

Growing up, Justin had a fairly happy family life.  He loved his grandparents, as they tend to spoil him with baked goods and cheap toys from the Goodwill to keep him occupied.  Family out of town that was just traveling through often visited him, and he loved hearing the stories of the train riders and hitchhikers as they search for adventure by the roadside.  By the time he was seven; he had taken a liking to cars and started to head off to the junkyard to grab (steal) spare parts to help his grandfather put together his old, broken down Fastback.  The promise was, if he could rebuild it, and it worked, he can have it – with stipulations.  He has to earn his license and he has to have good grades in school.  This obviously meant he would not be able to win his prize until he was at least sixteen.  During that time, Justin was diligent in repairing this vehicle.  He studied service manuals online with his grandfather, he learned to appreciate each component and he learned to keep them cleaned and oiled.  If it wasn’t for his eventual destiny, he probably would become a successful monkey wrencher. 

By the time Justin was twelve, he gave the keys a turn and listened proudly to the roar of the engine.  Five years of hard work had finally paid off and the beautiful sky blue 1968 Fastback GT was finally complete.  Now, just another four years to go and he will have earned it.  During this time, school had become a challenge for him.  For some reason when he started school after that long, lazy summer break, he just felt lost. It was not as if the material was too difficult, but he could not connect with it.  He grew bored and found his imagination slinking off to other parts as he doodled on his paperwork rather than pay attention to the lectures.  He also did not always getting along with other students either.  It was not that he was anti-social, it was that he was finding himself becoming short tempered more times than not and growing more and more impatient with the brainless chatter that the Millennial Generation kids rambled on about.  

His grades dropped much like the Titanic as the years progressed, and friendships that he made as a child was soon becoming pushed away as he began to snap at them angrily when the smallest thing annoyed him.  Though he would become apologetic shortly afterwards, it had become such a trend that most children became uncomfortable with his presence.  The only redeeming bit of value he had on the playground was when he knocked out a fifteen year old bully who was threatening some of the younger, weaker kids.  For about a week he was king of the playground before he slipped back into obscurity and social avoidance.

Sports came natural to Justin as he enjoyed playing a far too rough game of football or soccer.  He found a competitive spirit within himself as he shot up a few more inches by the time he turned fourteen.  Now hovering near six feet, he was a bit taller than some of the other students, but not as physically built.  He was tall and lanky, built like a runner who could go for days. He enjoyed sports much more than he did his grades and sadly, he was held back in the eighth grade, all but cementing his failure in winning over his grandpa’s Fastback.  Learning was mind-numbingly boring and he felt more at home outside than he did a classroom.

Now at fourteen, Justin has begun to wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night, finding his clothing torn and scratches upon his face.  The nightmares become more and more real and it has caused him to become even more cranky and frustrated.  He has started to skip school, which has caused more than one yelling match between himself and his mother.  At one point, Justin got so angry that he put a fist through the wall and lobbed a baseball through the bedroom window.  From here, the spark of the ritual placed upon him by his Aunt fourteen years ago has come to live and has now scurried down the path to the city of St. Claire, sniffing about to try and track down the local Gnawers and lead them to a cub who is about to have his first change.

Current Events

  • Having passed his Rite of Passage in the form of killing 5 fomori in the forms of various insects within the junkyard, Justin has started to live there ever since the owners of the yard were murdered by the fomori. For now, it seems that he passes as an employee as he signs paperwork for trucks and people that drop by asking for signatures. At some point he is sure he will be found out, but until then, he has stayed overnight in the old office shed. He has fixed up a number of TV's and has been working to sell them at pawn shops for a bit of scratch.
  • Involved in city combat in which he blew up a monster made of tar with shotgun powder and a flare gun.
  • Was involved in some umbral combat with Three-Mountains, Slug and Sue against spiritual insects that were heavily armored. He took point in combat and helped lead the small proto-pack to victory.
  • Now has full possession of his grandfather's 68' Fastback GT. He treats it like gold and only drives it when he needs to get somewhere his feet will not take them. Otherwise it is stored at The Vault with Thane and the rest of Blitzkrieg pack.
  • Has rounded up Three-Mountains, Fitz, and Henry for a pack that they are calling Tactical Frivolity. Their goal will be to find lost treasures and mysteries within the city Umbra and help protect Harbor Park.
  • Kicked Fitz out of the pack for being asshole. Tried to reconcile with him but Fitz is still an asshole. Fuck that guy.
  • Passed his Fostern Challenge on Halloween 2015! He challenged Marcos and survived a trip to the Battlegrounds to learn a lesson on how to lose those you love around you.
  • April 2016 - Justin was a key player in the take down of the Queen's Tower mage, having come up with the idea of using a drive-by shooting to kill him so not to draw attention to the supernatural. During the fight, one of the albino psychic fomori that was his bodyguard aged Justin roughly 5 years physically. He now appears 21.

OOC Quirks

Justin's grandfather became a doomsday prepper after he retired from the prison.  He taught Justin many new and creative ways to survive in the wilderness, or how to survive in the midst of a SHF situation.  It is where most of Justin's odd gadgets and inventions come from. 

Justin has been in the 'know' since he was 7 due to his kinfolk mother and Garou grandmother, but his grandfather has no clue about the Garou life as he is a human.

Justin embodies the spirit of Dog and he has a strong pack mentality. He can be impulsive and territorial when it comes to people messing with his friends. He shoots off his mouth from the hip quite often.


Justin has begun to create a number of inventions in the garage and workshop that he figures will be useful for when the shit hits the fan and the world falls apart.   It keeps him busy and mostly out of trouble.

Justin's MixtapeEdit

Character Sheet

Rage Willpower Gnosis
5 7 4
Physical Social Mental
Strength: 2 Charisma: 2 Perception: 2
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 4 Appearance: 2 Wits: 3
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

Master of Fire

Razor Claws

Find the Prize

Falling Touch

Shield of Rage

Between The Cracks

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
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