• Name: Jordan 'Mankato' Spears. 'Blue Earth' or just 'Blue
  • Former Names: None
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Human
  • Tribe: Wendigo
  • Date of Birth: September 19, 1989
  • Positions: Wendigo Kin


  • Creation Date: Nov 14, 2004
  • Departure Date: March 2012

Notes: Arriving in St. Claire to be with and help out her hermit of a guardian, Richard Barking-Dog, Jordan didn't have the smoothest time in fitting in. As it turns out, he isn't that interested in her presence at first and Jordan is more than willing to spend her own time in solitude. Clashing heads with what is expected of her by the Wendigo tribe present, the girl ran to live in one of the caves by herself for a while, a behaviour that she has repeated a number of times at her older reservation, Standing Rock.

She was finally prompted down by Horace and Ciuraq, both of whom she became fast friends with. Her adventures with both led to some interesting interactions. With Horace, Jordan accidentally helped him in regaining his ability to shift due to a prank gone wrong, while with Ciuraq, she has developed a rather big crush on the angry short man. Despite these small steps however, Jordan resisted the change into becoming responsible as long as possible. It wasn't until the departure of Desiree Keller, the Wendigo Kin who took care of the tribe, that Jordan's irresponsibility and childish attitude had to stop. Forced into becoming the role of the nurturer despite her hatred for it, Jordan picked up the reigns and is currently attempting to manage as Desiree has. She isn't as good, but at least she's trying her best.

Jordan has grown quite a bit since her arrival, although she is plagued with the idea of needing to prove herself as more than just a domestic housekeeper. Obsessed and driven by a self-appointed task, the girl is currently attempting to obtain an old Croatan fetish from another hermit living in the forest; Fred, the resident crazy Bone-Gnawer.

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