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James has done a well renowned job as Gatekeeper and Warder, the spiritual health and safety of the Caern strong and vibrant, never truely compromised. He made his opinions known on some things in the form of rules and judgments which have been enforced. Alongside the Sept Alpha, the two had been effective leaders of the Walk.

He for a time lead a pack of Guardians strong in spirit and honor, Stronghold, under the totem of Bear, Shard. They have since disbanded and for the first time in years... longer than is easy for Jamethon to remember, he was free from any immediate high position of duty.

Recently Jamethon has been called upon for judging challenges, advising warpacks, performing various rituals including needed cleansings (which in turn included a notable case of balefire morphing), summoning spirits for several Garou who needed them, creating numerous talens for purposes ranging from personal to use for the protection of the very Caern itself, and is known to be actively working on the first fetish made in the Sept for a very long time.

Of course, he also has gotten his claws wet with blood more than a few times in recent months. Instrumental in the protection, retaking, and health of the Caern in the past... he continues to be committed to its future. He has as of late December, 2011, taken up the position of Groundskeeper.

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