Jacinta Aketachunak
IC Information
Full Name: Jacinta Aketachunak ~The Strong Wind that Grapples with Fire Breaks the Horned Serpent's Spiral~
Deed Name: ~We Come to Understanding in the Wake of the Tempest~, ~She is the Chill Wind that Heralds the Oncoming Storm~, ~Pierces The Ice~, Seal Mittens (cub name)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: December 27, 1985 (But magically aged 1 year)
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Wendigo
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Athro (4)
Sept Position: Elder of the Wendigo Tribe (2004 - Current), Alpha of Blizzard's Teeth (2007 - 2010), Alpha of Manitou's Ridgeline - Guardian Pack for the Hidden Walk (2004 - 2007), Groundskeeper for the Hidden Walk (2005), Master of the Challenge (2006 - 2007), Caern Warder (August 2008-Current)
Pack: Past: Ridgeline and Blizzard's Teeth
Height: 5'0
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
OOC Information
Player: Sky


  • Creation Date: January 2004
  • Creation Rank: Cliath
  • Fostern Rank Promotion Date: December 30 2005
  • Adren Rank Promotion Date: December 22 2011 (World Bump)
  • Athro Rank Promotion Date:
  • Departure Date: Extant

Notes: Jacinta arrived from Clear Water in early 2004, responding to a request from Leonard for Wendigo aid at the Hidden Walk when few Wendigo remained. After Michael Darkfeather finished, the metis Atcen arrived, and she was involved in the education of the young metis, as well as Holly who arrived shortly after. She became a pseudo-Guardian, before starting a proper Guardian pack, Ridgeline, in mid-late 2004. She became Wendigo Elder when Leonard left on his Fostern rank challenge, never to be seen again. During the 2004 Great Hunt, she was one of the Guardians who remained behind when the Black Spiral Dancers attacked the Caern, and she killed several.

In 2005, when The Sands of Time warped the Caern, she was one of those caught in it's age-changing effects, and gained one year in age. Addationally, in 2005, she lead her pack in preventing a crash of Skull Pigs from reaching the Caern, the wyrmswine having been driven to do so. In 2006, they lead an attack on a Black Spiral Dancer encampment which was threatening the bawn.

Relatives: Kin:

  • Mother
    • Julia Nitcuuk Aketachunak Elachik
  • Siblings
    • Wilfred Yugli Elachik (born October 19, 1987)
    • Beverlyann Daneek Elachik (born May 24, 1990)
    • Martin Ag'a Elachik (born February 17, 1992)
    • Keisha Caq Elachik (born June 5, 1995)
    • Ariel Panik Elachik (born September 22, 1998)
  • Niece
    • Philomena Tonuchuk (born January 16, 2004)
  • Son
    • Joshua Quliriyuli Waasuk Aketachunak (born October 22, 2005)
  • Cousins
    • Troy Hunt (born June 12, 1984)


  • Father
    • Cylas Waasuk Elachik ~Driftwood Dances~ Adren Galliard, Deceased (January 1999)
  • Cousin
    • Francine Hunt ~Swims Like Salmon~ - Cliath Theurge.
    • Esther Caq Kaganak ~The Storm of the North Who Strikes the True Enemy's Heart~ Cliath Ahroun
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