• Names: Ishmael 'Izzy' Chavez, ~Crafts-Gifts-from-Cockroach-to-Protect-Gaia's-Children~, or ~Paladin-walks-the-spider's-maze~.
  • Cub Names: ~Smells-trouble-over-the-horizon~ (So named for his acute senses), ~Just-under-the-wire~ (So named for his intense stubbornness).
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: February 10, 1991.
  • Packs: None.
  • Positions: None.


Found living on the streets and running from some thugs for a yet unknown reason shortly before his Firsting. Has since been assaulted and shot point-blank by a unknown person assumed to be related to the original thugs dealt with during his cubnapping.

In late March of 2008, Ishmael was sent upon his Rite Of Passage along with Riley Larson, where the two were tasked to remove a specific taint from both the physical world and clear the bane that was tainting the Realm from the Umbra. They were successful, and Ishmael was granted the deedname ~Paladin-walks-the-spider's-maze~ for his careful and honorable actions concerning spirits during the Umbral portion of their rite.

Unable to deal with the emotional stress of being a Garou in St. Claire, Ishmael left with Urick to join Dies Ultimae (for structure, discipline) and go through their boot camp. Having been on a tour of duty since his graduation, Ishmael has just recently returned to the Walk. He has since been renamed ~Crafts-Gifts-from-Cockroach-to-Protect-Gaia's-Children~ or ~Gift-of-Roaches~ for hazing purposes, which he dislikes. He prefers and responds to ~Paladin~.


  • He's always had a Cockroach phobia, though it has been severely reduced in potency as of late.
  • Under a pseudonym, Ishmael is a fairly well-commissioned artist. Enough to net him Resources 1.


  • Creation Date: Thursday, December 13, 12:28:39, 2007.
  • Creation Rank: Cub
  • Departure Date: Summer 2013
  • Log Journal: By Request.
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