History and Notes This small caern was raised in 1977 - the current Sept Alpha, Larry, was present to give some of his gnosis to the raising of the sacred place in a washed-out train car diner in the slums and is a piece of living history to those taking residence up there now. Memorable clashes with Weaver-spirits have occurred there since, and in Wildwood, the Avery Towers bombing is mentioned weightily as a national tragedy and terrorist act, with it's culprits unidentified.

The Garou there practice a philosophy of 'active subversion' of the Weaver, who is as much an enemy to them as the Wyrm, in their minds. They often are involved in efforts to undermine city expansion while at the same time trying to care for the poor and down-and-out around the Wildwood area. It's existence is precarious - all the theurges are fast talkers, as they have to constantly negotiate and deal with Weaver spirits to divert them away from the Caern as well as provide disinformation and defense. It is fairly insular and does not deal much with it's nearby New York sister-caerns: it is often seen as haphazardly run, and the threat of being taken over by other, stronger Garou seems to loom.

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