Intelligence represents both your memory and your ability to learn and think. It is the facility for understanding and the capacity for reasoning and evaluation, understanding patterns and making sense out of complex data. Intelligence caters to carefully thought-out judgments and problem solving. Snap decisions, on the other hand, are the realm of Wits.

1 Poor; Slow to learn and remember new things, you don't comprehend anything but the here and now (IQ 80).
2 Average; You can finish parts of the daily crossword puzzle or Sudoku (IQ 100).
3 Good; Simple puzzles and trivia games are easy, you can see patterns in data if you've got time to look it over (IQ 120).
4 Exceptional; Sorting and classifying even complex information is simple; you have excellent (if not quite photographic) memory and recall (IQ 140).
5 Outstanding; You are a certifiable genius; you have a photographic memory and with enough time and resources you can find a solution to almost any problem (IQ 160+).
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