A Caern is a site of great holy and mystical power to the Garou, with powerful Totem spirits bound to it. The Caern GarouMUSH's story centers on is the Triquetral Accord, but over the years numerous other Caerns outside of the Accord have been added to the MUSH's collective background, and either Fallen (to the Wyrm), have lost all of their power and become Dead, or have somehow become Lost and are inaccessible.

Caerns such as these outside of the Accord are listed below, broken down by locality. For a sample of what to enter, please see the Sept of the Triquetral Accord. A template can be copied and pasted from here.

For the categorized and alphabetized listing, see Category:Caerns (and not the subcategories).

For active Caerns, see Caerns.

If you wish to write a background for a Caern or a Sept, contact one of the Wizards for help in fleshing it out.

If you find a Caern below you would like to use in your character's background or Plot, please exercise due diligence and contact the OOC contact on-game (or the Wizards) before you make any worldview changes to that Caern. Many of these Caerns have been defined by players who are still active in the game.

Note: Before any of these Caerns can be redeemed, they will need to have their information expanded.

Caerns in the United States

Pacific Coast caerns

Southwestern Caerns

Intermountain West Caerns

Midwestern Caerns

Southeastern Caerns

Mid Atlantic Caerns

New England Caerns

Canadian Caerns

Other North American Caerns

  • None.

South American caerns

  • None.

European caerns

  • None.

Asian caerns

African caerns

Australasian caerns

  • None.
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