Level 1Edit

This rite is commonly used as a teaching tool for other Garou, especially those seeking to understand the depths of Rage and how its effect has spread through the world they know. The Rite produces a lucid dreaming state in which the Garou experiences visions of the days of the Impergium. A Garou undergoing this Rite can, once they awaken from the visions, feel the deeply primal fear within crowds of humanity, sharing in the prey mind mentality and of being hunted. Some Garou claim to see shadowy figures of ancient Garou out of the corners of their eyes, watching for people to hunt.

System: The rite puts the targeted Garou in a lucid semi dream-like state without actually causing them to fall asleep. Once they awaken from the dream, they are still free to act, speak, think as they will, but at increased difficulty (+2) in attacking humans/human Kin. They will feel what humans feel when they encounter Garou, but the effects are muted: they don't experience Delirium, or feel the full effects of the Curse, but rather a shadow of it, dogging their steps. For a day or so after the Rite, they are more prone to fox frenzy, rather than berserk. A crowd's fear of a Garou erupting into Crinos will affect the Rite participant like a wave, and they are liable to fox. Additionally, the Garou will see other Garou's rage as occasional flickers of an aura, red or black, usually the more Rage they have, the darker, more blood-red they'll appear. The rite is usually performed on a full moon and will last through the next day until moonrise. The rite won't work on other Fera, as only the Garou participated heavily in the Impergium.

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