• Name: Norman ~Makes-the-Oath-and-Turns-the-Wheel~ (Oath-Ring)
  • Former names: ~Holds-Back-The-Ice~ (Icetrap)
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Theurge
  • Tribe: Get of Fenris
  • Rank: Adren
  • Date of Birth: 8th Jan 1994
  • Date of Firsting: 1st Jan 2005
  • Pack: Coup de Grace
  • Creation Date: Wed Dec 31 03:24:49 2008
  • Creation Rank: Cliath

Notes: IC: An arrival from the Sept of the Slaughtered Bull in early January. He still sometimes comes across as lacking in social graces, but he has come a long way from the defensive, stuttering, prickly Cliath he once was. Those who have seen him in battle so far have no reason to doubt his willingness and effectiveness as one of Gaia's born warriors. Those unfortunate enough to catch him on a bad day can attest that his Rage is more appropriate to his Tribe than to his moon, although generally he has a good deal of patience with questions, if not with stupidity.

Since his arrival at and acceptance into the Sept of the Hidden Walk he has been Ritemaster at seasonal Rites, Caller of the Wyld at Moots, and, most recently, Gatekeeper. He has been giving whatever teaching and assistance he can to strengthen the Sept and the Caern- fighting for the Sept whenever the situation has called for it, teaching about the Umbra, spirits, Rites and glyphs, sparring with all comers in all forms, training with dedicated zeal, and trying to build good relations with the spirits of the Caern and surrounding area. On top of all this he has joined a war pack, Coup De Grace, under the patronage of Weasel and Alphaship of the Black Fury Elder and Sept Claw; and he has been making the effort to keep up his own studies of Garou ritual.

Known as Holds-Back-the-Ice or Icetrap as a Cliath, after successfully Challenging Zosia Falcon's-Grace for Fostern rank he took the name Makes-the-Oath-and-Turns-the-Wheel, or Oath-Ring. Not long afterwards he claimed the position of Gatekeeper, when Silvertip stepped down from that position upon becoming Sept Alpha. Now Adren in the wake of the strange, unexplained surge of spiritual energy following the Rite of the Winter Winds. He hopes that wasn't something he did without meaning to...

It seems there's been some sort of a shakeup within his pack, but perhaps that is a positive thing, because there is a subtle difference in the perpetual Omega, a hint of surity and authority in his manner that wasn't there before.

OOC: A well-trained Theurge with good knowledge of Rites, Oath-Ring can be available for teaching and/or exchange of crescent-moon knowledge.

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