Totem of Respect Background Cost: 6

An offspring of Winter Wolf, Ice Wolf is a very young totem. Despite this youth, he is a spirit of deep reserve and patience. He appears as a hispo-sized wolf with frosted white fur, ice crystals for eyes, and icicles for teeth and fangs. His coolness of heart allows his children to think before acting, and thus he makes it easier for them to make difficult choices. Children of Ice Wolf find it hard to access their emotions, making them less likely to frenzy. This also lends them an air of cold aloofness, and they sometimes struggle in social situations. Humans and other garou may even feel uneasy around his children. Ice Wolf brands his children with a icy white mark on their chests, visible only in the umbra.


  • Ice Wolf grants his children the will to help ward off frenzies. (+1 difficulty to rolls)
  • He lends his children his strength of purpose. (+3 WP per pack, refreshing every lunar cycle)
  • Children of Ice Wolf move very well over snowy or icy ground, doubling normal travel speed.
  • Because of his cold nature, Ice Wolf's children have an easier time in cold weather. (+1 to all rolls involving cold)


  • Being so young, Ice Wolf asks very little of his children. He requests that they not be impulsive. Those that fail to adhere to this request will find themselves disfavored by their totem and plagued with headaches.
  • Children of Ice Wolf are far more aloof and cold, and this makes social interaction challenging for them. (+1 difficulty to all social rolls)
  • They are often somewhat lethargic in the summer months.

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