Name: Iakovos Rosakis, Kovo

Kovo on a good day!

Gender: Male

Race: Human Kinfolk

Tribe: Black Furies

Originally joining the Sept of the Hidden Walk in late 2005, Iakovos remained in St Claire for around six months during his first stay; he set up a successful law partnership, found a girlfriend (KL), and got a reputation for being entirely too difficult to annoy.

He was called away abruptly in June 2006 with no explanation given, and neither hide nor hair was seen of him until early 2012. Arriving back in the city on Jan 17th, he came with family - three children; Theron aged 5 and a half, and twins Chloe and Xante aged 4.

Iakovos' children.

Now a dedicated father of three, with the mother (or mothers?) nowhere on the scene, he juggles part-time law and councelling with raising his children. Chlöe and Xante are both kin, however Theron has been blessed by Gaia's crescent face - and rumour has it that Iakovos has a promise from Theron's mother that he may raise his son and see to his change of Tribe as he sees fit. This has lead to a deal being struck with the local Glass Walkers, for better or for worse.

RP Hooks

  • Kovo is a parent, and spends a good amount of time at parks, eating places and walking and such with his kids.
  • He's also a highly qualified and practiced divorce lawyer and part-time therapist and relationship advisor.
  • He's got money, though much of it is spent on his kids.
  • He's Black Fury kin.
  • His son Theron has been informally pledged to the Glass Walkers for when he Firsts.
  • He is the legal owner of the Greek House and has been since 2005.
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