Originally formed by the Croatan, it was abandoned when that tribe sacrificed itself to stop Eater of Souls and its caern went dormant. It was reawakened in the late 1700s by a group of Get of Fenris and Shadow Lords. A Black Spiral Dancer Hive formed up not long afterward, and the Sept has not known a moment's peace since.

Attrition has slowly changed the tribal makeup of the Sept, and these days only a few of its members are Get of Fenris and there are almost no Shadow Lords left. Their Graves of the Hallowed Heroes is full of such Garou, but currently the Sept is firmly in the control of Children of Gaia. Their leader, the Athro Philodox called Bearpaw, is a charismatic, well-bred old cuss (he's in his 60s) who knows how to keep the people under him happy while still being the strong leader that the Sept needs.The other leaders of the Sept include two Adren (the Warder and the Gatekeeper, both of whom, like Bearpaw, lead their own packs), a handful of Fostern (three of whom hold the titles of Master of Rites, Master of the Challenge, and Groundskeeper), a good number of Cliath, and a few cubs. Nearby live a healthy population of human kinfolk and a few wolf kinfolk of the red wolf variety.

The Sept continues to hold its ground against the Wyrm.

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