Totem of War Background Cost: 5

Hummingbird embodies swiftness and precision. He can fly in all directions and hover. He is a patron of some Uktena, and is well known in the Americas. He can't stay still long, for his speed comes at a price - a hunger that cannot be denied.


  • Hummingbird packmembers' speed is astonishing; they may dart in and attack enemies in a true blur of speed; it is very hard to predict when and how they will do this. (This is like Rage, but does not confer extra attacks, merely a viciously supernatural speed. -1 to others' defenses.)
  • Against the vast majority of foes, though not ones with Gifts such as Spirit of the Fray or special powers, they gain automatic initiative.
  • They are incredibly dexterous, particularly in airborne maneuvers. (+1 to dex, +2 when attempting something airborne.)
  • While in the Umbra, each pack member can hover or fly up to their lupus running speed, though without obvious wings. This becomes extremely tiring after mere minutes, and is not something they can keep up for more than 5 minutes at a time, however.


  • Hummingbird has a voracious appetite, and demands that each packmember supply him with a point of Gnosis per week. (Functionally, the packmembers are at -1 Gnosis.) Much like their Totem, the packmates are constantly hungry, and often are eating things at inconvenient times.
  • Hummingbird is a fierce defender of his territory; therefore, if a Hummingbird pack's territory is violated in any material way, they must fix the problem, or, if that is impossible, give Contrition to their Totem.

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