This ritual takes several different forms, but all center around honoring a particular spirit or group of spirits and acknowledging them as equals and kinspirits. Additionally, it can be used a form of contrition for an offended spirit as well as provide an amicable way to end a pack's bond with their totem. Traditionally, it is held during the crescent moon and done over the course of a single evening.

The ritualist will bring an object of permanence to a place of spiritual significance. A Wendigo might bring a small boulder to the site of a successful battle, while a Glass Walker may have a piece of a steel beam placed at the center of their skyscraper caern. Into this item the Garou summons a spirit of memory to temporarily reside there. Over the night, the Garou and any others involved tell stories dedicated to the spirit(s) in question and carve their names, types, likenesses, and deeds into the item. At the end of the rite, the object breaks and releases the spirit of memory who carries the tales it has heard throughout the Umbra, thus spreading the word of the spirit's honor.

Standard difficulty. Performing this rite will make the spirits honored more willing to work with the Garou for the next lunar phase, or form as chiminage for an offended spirit or departing totem spirit. Speaking ill of the spirit(s) to be honored will not end the ritual, but the spirit of memory will be sure to spread ill word of the Garou who would use this ritual to slander the spirits.

Type: Mystic Rite / Theurge (Source: Homebrewed)

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