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Danger LevelsEdit

Hey folks, since scenes are starting to crop up for metaplot that will begin requiring combat or other dangerous situations, I have established a 1 - 5 danger scale in reference to my/metaplot scenes, so y'all have an idea of what to expect. I will not personally be running all of these scenes, but I will be making clear my expectations so danger levels are consistent with this scale. Feel free to adopt my scale if you wish (but it is certainly not required).

  • 1 = "Green"; possibly dangerous, but not necessarily combat; death is unlikely (<20%)
  • 2 = "Yellow"; definitely combat; mild chance of death (20%-40%)
  • 3 = "Orange"; very dangerous combat; moderate chance of death (40%-60%)
  • 4 = "Red"; extremely dangerous combat; at least 1 death is very possible (60%-80%)
  • 5 = "WAT" (or purple?); imminent, catastrophic danger; multiple deaths are the likely outcome (>80%)

Please note that this is not a casual 'death might happen, it's a GM'd scene, blabla' warning. When I say death is a likely outcome (4 or 5, specifically), I do very much mean it, so be mindful of the dangers before committing. This plot is designed to have quite a few harrowing moments. This is not to say I have a "death quota" established, but I do have a general, "this should be hard enough where at least one person dies" challenge metric/rubric that I'm using as part of my storywriting/design process. Naturally, depending on preparedness and context, scene ratings can/will vary.

Largely, these scenes are designed to be fun, and only carry what risk is required as the stakes of the situation demand. I am not out to get any of you (I <3 you all) but you have been duly warned.

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