• Pack Name: Hit the Road
  • Spirit Name: Four-And-Twenty
  • Spirit Nature: Cunning
  • Spirit TypeMagpie
  • Creation Date: Fall 2009
  • Departure Date: Current
  • Members:
  • Jessica Williamsee, ~She Whose Tongue Is Like A Rattlesnake~, Adren Uktena Galliard (Alpha) (played by Zosia)
  • Anthony Allen, ~Leans on the Line~, Fostern Silver Fang Galliard (played by KL)
  • Soraya Torabi, ~Merrell's Gray Feather~, Fostern Glass Walker Theurge (played by Tim)
  • Ahmet Celik, ~Carries the Stones~, Fostern Silent Strider Ragabash (played by Touch Deer)


In order to connect the Garou nation, there are packs that travel from Sept to Sept, passing news, strengthening connections, and reminding each Sept that there is a bigger world out there. The pack of which Anthony is part, Hit the Road, have the Western circuit, encompassing the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington State. They also travel into northern Mexico and southern Canada (British Columbia).
This pack has been together for a long time--there have been occasional hints and rumors that this pack has been on the West Coast circuit in some way, shape, or form for at least 15 years.They travel in a large, oddly decorated RV and don't appear to have permanent homes.
The purpose of this pack is to provide news from the Garou nation as a whole. This will both provide a larger context for the actions of the Hidden Walk and also provide a means for those telling a Story to plant information for plots. Feel free to contact members of the pack to plant Story information.
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