• Name: Hilliard Memorial Hospital
  • Location: Destroyed
  • IC Owner: N/A

Hilliard Memorial Hospital was one of the larger hospitals in central WA, with over 300 physicians (many of whom are specialists in their fields) and 150 private and semi-private rooms. The hospital was owned by S. A. Hilliard, CEO of the Hilliard Corporation, and will soon be renamed the Hilliard Memorial Medical Center. Current facilities included a pediatric center, maternity services with neonatal intensive care, outpatient medical care, laser surgery, and a 24-hour emergency trauma center, complete with a helipad for patient transfer.

The hospital was also a teaching affiliate with St. Claire City University, and works closely with the medical, dental, and nursing college. That college, along with the graduate biological sciences programs, was centered around the hospital, the Wilson Laboratory Building in particular. An additional non-affiliated high-tech research wing ensures that the hospital remains at the forefront of medical technologies.

In 2007, the hospital was overcome by fire and explosions, levelling the location. The Hospital, formerly known for its resident Nexus Crawler by local Garou, spread its blight all over the city in the explosion, causing a wave of increased wyrm activity across the city.

Efforts have been made by various agencies to rebuild the hospital.

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