IC Information
Location: Deep Woods north of Sunrise Road
IC Owner: Silver Fangs; Silver Seekers
OOC Information
Player Contact: Dirk Duncan
Jump_OK? Yes (#2533)
@set ABODE? Yes

This secret location is part of the Silver Seekers metaplot. It is essentially a library for esoteric and supernatural knowledge and items, as well as a place for meditation and contemplation.

History Edit

Largely lost to time and forest, the Hermitage was once a chapel, surrounded by a few small hunter/trapper homesteads from the 19th century. The place was too small to be called a town, and when those who inhabited it left, its location promptly faded from memory. Why the original inhabitants abandoned the village remains something of a mystery; many tools and personal items remain--the sorts of things one would expect a family to take with them, unless their departure was immediate, and hurried.

2014 Edit

Through much negotiation from the Duncan and Steele families (through Dirk Duncan and Tristan Steele), a not-for-profit entity was created to purchase much of the forest north of I-90 while ensuring anonymity, as well as to protect it for future Garou holdings in that area. The company's purpose is largely to act as caretaker and resource manager.

  • June - The Hermitage is fully restored, and its archive, furniture, and amenities installed.

Status Edit

The land and buildings are currently under the protection of the Silver Fangs, who currently only claim the Hermitage dormitory as territory; the rest (specifically the Hermitage common area) is open to anyone who knows the area's location. Those who wish to use the dormitory or access the rare items stored therein need to talk to Dirk Duncan.

There are a number of nearby ruined buildings available for restoration with permission. Plumbing and electricity are not available, and there is no cellular reception in this area. It is, for all intents and purposes, completely off the grid.

  • Dagny Eriksen has requested to restore and live in one of the abandoned homesteads. Dirk granted this request in June, with the understanding she will abide by Fang rules, and help protect the Hermitage.
  • Slug was given permission to restore one of the abandoned homesteads into a dormitory for Silver Seekers.

A nearby pond, stream, and attendant gardens provide enough sustenance and water for a handful of people at any given time. There is also plentiful game in the Deep Woods, and fish in the pond.

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