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Heather in all her young and bouncy glory.

Notes: Heather came to the Caern of the Hidden Walk in February of 2008 as a Lost Cub. She was quickly adopted by the Coggies, and her bright and exuberant personality soon fit in splendidly. Having lived through an abusive home life, she channels her pent up energy into something more productive. Recently she completed her Rite of Passage at the Sept of Rainbow's End, and is now a full member of both the Children of Gaia and the East Wind pack Tenacity.

Her Cliathhood started fine but got a little rocky as unfortunate things happened, including her frenzy and subsequent murder of her Father, and an unfortunate incident on one revel that left her infertile and traumatized. She was yanked into the Umbra where she befriended a spirit named Blood-Brother, and, as she was utterly lost, he tried to help her find her way home. She wound up coming out several months later (to her perception) and several weeks later (in real time), and flew to Hawai'i to stay with her packmate's father.

She returned August 6, 2009, and has started to get her act together once more.

Gifts: Persuasion, Truth of Gaia, Mothers Touch

Rites: Prayer For The Prey