Unofficial GarouMUSH Wiki

HEAT METAL (Rank 2):

 Glass Walkers— who understand the workings of science and spirits alike— can mystically excite the molecules within metal. Metal heated in such a way can be forged, molded or used to sear flesh. A red-hot crowbar can be a very effective weapon, and heating the exterior of a gasoline tanker can have explosive results. Glass Walkers learn this Gift from fire, earth, or metal elementals.

 (System: The Glass Walker must spend one Gnosis point and successfully roll Intelligence + Repair. The difficulty varies from base metals (such as copper or lead) at difficulty 6 to complex alloys (such as steel or titanium alloy) at difficulty 8. The number of successes equals the number of rounds the metal stays heated. Touching heated metal causes one aggravated, unsoakable Health Level of damage per round.)

NATIVE TO: Glass Walkers