When we must resort to mechanics, we deal with wounds in 'levels'. Seven wound levels will incapacitate a human or Garou, and eight will kill them. As wounds accumulate, it becomes more difficult to act or fight, not to mention the fact that it hurts. Humans heal slowly, as most of us are aware. Please try to use common sense when determining how long it takes a human to heal.

Most of us know how long a broken arm takes to knit. Use this as a guideline for human times to heal:

Level Name Time to heal
1 Bruised 1 day
2 Hurt 3 days
3 Injured 1 week
4 Wounded 1 month
5 Mauled 3 months
6 Crippled 3 months; lose one point in a physical attribute
7 Incapacitated Indeterminate
8 Dead Never

Not only can Garou with high stamina ignore (soak) damage, but they heal at a vastly accelerated rate if allowed to rest. They will recover one level in a round if allowed to rest. If they can't rest, they may, if their stamina is high, try to heal anyway possibly ending up with a permanent scar for the effort. Certain wounds are considered aggravated, though, and cannot be healed in this manner. Fire, silver, and the claws or teeth of other supernatural creatures cause aggravated wounds.

A Garou will heal aggravated damage at a rate of one level of aggravated damage per day, still far faster than a human.

Silver damage cannot be soaked by a Garou, and is one of the most potent weapons against Werewolves. Certain Wyrm toxins will cause damage that cannot be soaked, and heals even more slowly than aggravated damage.

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