Hazmat has been playing on GarouMUSH since the summer of 1994 and is rather infamous for having played more characters than anyone else on the MUSH. Her wizard character is named after her second character, a Lupus Ragabash named Hazmat Can-Tipper who'd been Rited a Bone Gnawer but died (off-screen) a member of the Black Spiral Dancers.

She appears as a female grey wolf wearing a pointed wizard's hat and carrying a book and a wand. Despite the sharp teeth, she tries to be as friendly and approachable as possible.

Her current characters are Grey, a Glass Walker Philodox with an extremely checkered past, and Beatrice, a would-be Uktena Ragabash who was kinfetched to the Black Spiral Dancers. Her past characters are too many to list.

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