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* [[William Black|William]] (Metis Galliard Shadow Lord)
* [[William Black|William]] (Metis Galliard Shadow Lord)
* [[Winter Rain]] (Lupus Ahroun Red Talon)
* [[Winter Rain]] (Lupus Ahroun Red Talon)

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Hazmat has been playing on GarouMUSH since the summer of 1994 and is rather infamous for having played more characters than anyone else on the MUSH -- indeed, enough Garou alone to populate a Sept. Her wizard character is named after her second character on GarouMUSH, a Lupus Ragabash named Hazmat.

This is her third stint as a wizard, having stepped down the previous two times due to burnout; she is currently Head Wizard of GarouMUSH; the buck stops with her.

Hazmat's logs of GarouMUSH roleplay can be found on Dreamwidth.

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