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* Monkey-Brain (Lupus Philodox Red Talon)
* Monkey-Brain (Lupus Philodox Red Talon)
* Bianca and Desdemona (Rodens Ratkin Kinfolk) (puppets)
* Bianca and Desdemona (Rodens Ratkin Kinfolk) (puppets)
* Duck (Lupus Ahroun Stargazer)

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Hazmat has been playing on GarouMUSH since the summer of 1994 and is rather infamous for having played more characters than anyone else on the MUSH -- indeed, enough Garou alone to populate a Sept. Her wizard character was named after her second character, a Lupus Ragabash named Hazmat Can-Tipper.

She's been a wizard twice, stepping down when burnout has threatened to eat up her enjoyment of the MUSH.

She can sometimes be a little surly, but tries to keep her snippiness in check.

Current Characters: Salem, Moros, Sewall, and Lost Girl.

Past Characters (NOT in chronological order):

  • Adia SteelFur (Homid Galliard Black Fury)
  • Hazmat (Pizza) (Lupus Ragabash Bone Gnawer -> BSD -> Ronin -> Gnawer)
  • Swift-Claws (Lupus Ahroun Red Talon)
  • StrengthBringer (Metis Theurge Get of Fenris)
  • Casey Scott (Metis Galliard Child of Gaia)
  • Meretseger (Metis Philodox Silent Strider)
  • Regina (Homid Silver Fang)
  • Spark (Metis Silver Fang)
  • Erik (Metis Galliard Fianna)
  • Malachi (Homid Ahroun)
  • Magister (Homid Philodox Shadow Lord)
  • Rain-Falls-Up (Lupus Ragabash Red Talon)
  • Winter Rain (Lupus Ahroun Red Talon)
  • Bianca Tailkinker (Homid Pumonca Bastet)
  • Sunset-on-Stone (Feline Pumonca Bastet)
  • Chaney Many-Faces (Lupus Ahroun Glass Walker)
  • Stanley (Homid Galliard)
  • Anvilhead (Lupus Ahroun Shadow Lord)
  • Plain Jane (Homid Twitcher Ratkin)
  • Jenny Cornpop (Metis Shadow Seer Ratkin)
  • Hershey Kisses (Metis Philodox Bone Gnawer)
  • Beatrice (Homid Ragabash Uktena)
  • Atcen (Metis Galliard Wendigo)
  • Koschei (Metis Ragabash Black Fury)
  • Flash (Metis Ragabash Stargazer)
  • Gert (Homid Galliard)
  • Mary (Homid)
  • Scratch (Homid Ahroun Glass Walker)
  • Apocalypse (Metis Galliard Silver Fang)
  • Pestilence (Homid Get of Fenris)
  • Trick (Homid Ragabash Child of Gaia)
  • Giles (Homid Galliard Bone Gnawer)
  • Felicity (Silver Fang Kinfolk)
  • Bloody Throat (Lupus Red Talon)
  • Ollie (Homid Ahroun Shadow Lord)
  • Moose (Lupus Wendigo)
  • Grin-and-Bite (Lupus Fianna)
  • Al (Homid Ragabash Silver Fang)
  • Fierce Howl (Lupus Red Talon)
  • Hungry/Finds-Death (Lupus Theurge Red Talon)
  • Snowblind (Metis Ahroun Get of Fenris)
  • Kadiatu (Homid Ajaba)
  • William (Metis Galliard Shadow Lord)
  • Monkey-Brain (Lupus Philodox Red Talon)
  • Bianca and Desdemona (Rodens Ratkin Kinfolk) (puppets)
  • Duck (Lupus Ahroun Stargazer)
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