• Pack Name: Havoc
  • Spirit Name: Vex
  • Spirit Nature: War
  • Creation Date: early 2004
  • Departure Date: mid 2008

Notes: An urban war pack that has throughout its long life maintained a very high proportion of Black Furies and other female members. These durable amazonians claim territory in a two block 'corridor' running the entire length of the western end of the city, between 13th and 15th Avenues; from the slums of the south end near Jermantown all the way up to Osprey, near the Dominion.

With the departure of Emma to the Amazon in spring 2007 the pack lost its only original member, and it seemed that they were likely to disband entirely. With the recruitment of Cedric and Nike, it seemed there might be a late lease of life, but the banishment of the former and the departure of the latter left KL as the only member, and the pack disbanded.

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