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Bawn: The Sept Compound

Sweeping branches of evergreen pines form a sort of natural roof overshadowing most of this clearing. In the center is a fire pit with several old logs polished from use for seats. A separate stack of firewood is discreetly piled up at the base of an old spruce, protected from the damp by a tarp. At the edge of the clearing and extending back a bit into the woods resides a rough wooden structure with a slate tile roof. A stone slab rests off to one side of the clearing in a place of some prominence. Nestled in among the pines are a few hardy perennials--red alder, quaking aspen, and a big leaf maple or two--that, come spring, will create a profusion of color in the clearing.


The late afternoon is not just pleasant, but in fact quite warm. And as such, Trace has the mid-weight flannel shirt tied around his waist, and the top several buttons of his shirt open as he makes his way towards the Sept compound. He's drumming with his fingers on his leg as he gets there, and generally seems relaxed and pleased as he looks around.

Moot isn't quite yet so the Alpha is catching up on some much needed rest. The bawn is huge and that's only one part of his day. He appears to be asleep as he lays on the slab of stone on one side of the clearing in his Hispo form. His head's on outstretched paws and his eyes are closed. One ear does turn towards the sound of Trace's approached and his good eye cracks open to look towards the noise.

There is a glimmer in the air as Alicia appears from the Umbra as she steps through into the realm. Today the Gaian Galliard is wearing a long white sundress with a few floral patterns woven throughout the fabric. In her hands is a long walking stick that has a bit of a curve near the head that is sculpted into a leaping wolf. Blowing her long hair out of her face, she gives a glance to the hispo, then the approaching Walker.

Trace moves over to take a seat on one of the logs, situated so that he can turn and face Thane. "Evening," he offers, with a respectful nod towards the Shadow Lord, and a glance towards the Gaian, who gets a nod of greeting as well, but Trace's attention goes to the former. "Glad I caught up to you. I wanted to talk to you about volunteering as a Guardian for the time being, while I finish out my chiminage and while it is needed with the current happenings."

Consumes-Shadows raises his head up from his paws with the slowness that might be reluctance. ~We're doing actual chiminage again? Hm.~ He remarks though it carries the air of something rhetorical. He glances briefly over to Alicia before turning attention back to Trace. ~You're asking for a position that is normally for those of honorable place here in the sept. There is little duty more respected than the defense of the caern.~ Says the Lord as he hoists the rest of himself up until he seated. ~Since Mouse has you performing chiminage, that means you are not a member of this sept in full yet. What is she having you do?~

Trace sits up straight. "Mouse-rhya said that, in general, things are light on the chiminage," Trace says, and then inclines his head. "However, I have volunteered to teach the gifts and rites I know, and she set it as three, although I will teach any who would learn. I am teaching a gift to Felix, and have made arrangements with Jamethon to teach him the rite of Impergium's Shadow after that is over." There is a long pause. "She also said that finding out which ways I could help, here, was a good idea. I ask because I would make myself available in service to the Sept in whichever way there is most need." The Walker seems genuine and straightforward.

Alicia reaches out and drags her fingers along one of the Shadow Lord's big fuzzy ears as she walks past him, then turns and takes a flop down on to a log to sit. Pulling her dress over the tops of her knees, she tilts her head to listen to the pair of them talk.

Consumes-Shadows sharply flicks the ear that's touched with a low warning rumble in his throat. He regards Trace's explanation in full before remarking, ~I see. She is right, given the number of refugees and related the sept received, chiminages was waived as long as the Garou pledged loyalty and was clean and in good standing among the Nation. That being, it sounds like what you are doing is voluntary. So you may act in the capacity of a Guardian, but you may find you may require more flexibility given the news I'll be sharing when the rest are here.~

Black-Light comes padding down one of the trails that lead into the Caern proper, clad in a tattered cloak. The garment is neither black nor grey, too filthy to be either. The hood of it hangs as such that his snout pokes out. He takes a seat not far from the caves, his back to the cavern's entrance.

Trace rests his hands on his knees and nods, silent and thoughtful after Thane's response. "Alright," he comes out with, before tilting his head up to gaze off into the trees.

There is a flicker of amusement from Alicia as she gives a dip of her head towards Thane, then leans back to place her hands behind her on the log. "Hey, Slug." She calls over to the Ragabash.

Brings-the-Pack arrives with no fanfare and might even go unnoticed as he simply seems to emerge from the treetops some 25' off the ground, settling onto his haunches and balanced on one of an evergreen's sturdier limbs overlooking the meeting area. He looks around, as if keeping tabs on who's here and who isn't.

~Yo,~ Black-Light says, the word strangled and snarled coming from a lupine muzzle. He shifts and settles on his haunches, paws to the earth, his claws dug deep into the soil. His balance shifts from one foot to the next, his hood swaying with each fidget.

Rising-Dawn and Bad-Boy make their way into the clearing from the forest, the former nearly absolutely dwarfed by her packmate's size. Tail wags and she chuffs at the Gnawer theurge as they arrive, pleased. As they get into the clearing, the Gaian resumes her birth form, walking next to Bad-Boy with one hand resting on his shoulder ruffling his fur until they find somewhere to sit.

Trailing behind her Otter packmates is Briari who is currently in her own natural form. Settling down next to them, she gives each of them a big grin, then waves her hand towards her combat instructor, Slug.

Snakepatcher arrives in his unnatural form. He makes a full circle around the sept compound, nose busy, until he finds a place suitable he considers suitable to occupy.

Memory finds herself a perch in the trees that overhang the clearing and looks down at those gathered

Black-Light bobs his head in Briari's direction. He sits up for one brief moment, standing, then settles back down with the knuckles of one paw braced on the earth. Strands of muscle and thin lines of bone stand up on the back of that same hand as he squeezes and relaxes a few times, then his posture loosens, and he falls back down into a squat.

"I dunno, man, I still think explodin' pickles would be awesome," Felix is saying to Justin as they emerge from the trees into the compound, "Who's gonna expect that? Not the jar or nothin', just the actual =pickles=..." He trails off, glancing around at the assembled. There's the slightest hint of disappointment, then gone, and he flashes a grin to one and all, with a bright, carrying, "Evenin'!" A nudge to his packmate, and he starts broadly in the direction of the log Trace has claimed.

Out from the woods comes the lumbering form of Brom. The large glabro form of the viking is shirtless and wearing a pair of snug denim jeans that could use a good washing. In his hands he is holding a large axe that swings back and forth in the palm of his large hand, giving a few twirls of it end over end. Taking the left of the Sept Alpha, he stands resolutely as he stares at the others gathered.

"Yeah, but how the fuck are you gonna get pickles to just magically explode? They sit in a jar of pickle juice, so you can't use a wick. You'd need to blow it up with like a tiny chunk of C4 and detonate it by remote. Even then, are you looking to blow someone's jaw off?" Justin says as he wanders after Felix, aiming towards Trace.

Bad-Boy sits down next to his packmates, tail thumping the ground occasionally until he manages to glance at a certain large bird. He, then, abandons his pack to rush over to bark excitedly at her, running in circles under the branch she's perched in. Bird! Val! Hi!

Memory peers down atvthe excited Gnawer, head cocked to one side. She chirps at the lupus in a friendly manner.

The talk of magically exploding pickles and the sound of Justin's voice are heard by Lilah, and she smiles as she heads into the clearing. She's making as polite a beeline as she can for Felix, though she does take time to wave or nod to those she passes. When she reaches him, he gets a broad smile, and she then greets the rest of those nearby before settling beside Felix.

Dakota is making her way in along with the typical lot and she diverts her path for Alicia to sit down next to her cousin. "...ugh." Mutters the Ritemistress, hardly seen this past while. "Those things are disgusting. I have no desire to try and craft... bodypart talens *ever* again. Feels so wrong."

Consumes-Shadow, perched on the stone slab in his Hispo form, leaves the topic without further details for Trace at the time being and just settles in to wait for bodies to gather. A glance is passed to the coyote pack members and there's a furrow of the Lord's fuzzy brow before Brom's arrival draws his eye. ~Brought your lady, I see.~ He says before uttering a short, perfunctory howl to gather everyone to attention. ~Good evening. A quick but vital bit of news before we get started. It has been brought to my attention an attack on Edgewood, and quite possibly the caern, is imminent. Spread word to those not here. As of now, Edgewood is off limits to all those without my permission to be there. A new safehouse is in the works which will be announced soon. Given that the bawn, despite our best efforts, may not be entirely secure be caution what you discuss without confirming your surroundings.~

Trace gives Felix a nod and a friendly shoulder-bump, but falls quiet, his attention for now on Thane and what is being said. The Walker chews on his lower lip, thoughtfully.

Black-Light's ears flutter as though skirted by a fly. He looks up at the mention of Val's name, then at the chirper. His eyes linger and then he settles, silent and remaining so as news is announced.

There is a wide grin from Brom as he taps the head of the axe against his shoulder. "Yeah, it's date night." He says as his eyes give a flick about those gathered.

"Look, I just have the brilliant ideas, you're the one that's gotta work out how it happens," Felix replies to Justin, with a negilgent wave, "an' nah, 'course not, that'd just be a dick move. Maybe pop-rocks..." He settles next to Trace, with a return bump of greeting, and brightens considerably on seeing Lilah arrive and approach. He pulls her down to join him as soon as she's near enough, and gives her a (thankfully quick) kiss, hushing as the Alpha brings things to order.

"What is it with you and exploding food all of a sudden?" Justin takes a seat and gives Trace's other shoulder a bump, then waves to Lilah once she joins them. As the Alpha goes on to explain the current situation, he grows silent and lets out a heaving sigh.

From up in the tree, Brings-the-Pack adds to Thane's words. "If you are concerned about additional locations being compromised or in danger, speak with me after the moot. I will do what I can--provided I have the time and energies to do so."

Linnaea grins a little at Bad-Boy's excitement lifting a hand to Val in a wave herself. However, for the moment the cliath Gaian is silent save for a few glances and a grin cast over her shoulder towards her packmate.

Lilah reaches out for Felix's hand as things are brought to order, and chews at her lower lip once the news about Edgewood and the caern is announced. She shifts position slightly to look at Brings-the-Pack at his addition, and then shifts her gaze to the Alpha again.

In the dire wolf form it's clear Consumes-Shadows is agitated and even tired, but he continues to speak. ~Related, I had a long discussion with Mouse regarding the idea of bringing down the Tower with bombs. In short, the likely and potential fallout was deemed too severe to be a valid option. New information has come to light and new ideas are being worked.~ But he gives no real details, instead glancing to Brings-the-Pack and giving a very human nod. Back to the Garou, he says, ~That's all the news I currently have. Sorry it isn't better - or even vaguely good. Now, being as it's the half moon, any of you with challenges to make or grievances to share, step forward and voice them.~

Linnaea listens to all of what is being said. At the news that they aren't blowing anything up, she actually looks relieved, if anything, but then she gets to her feet, rising smoothly and swiftly to crinos as she steps forward. The Gaian glances at those gathered, and there's a quiet chuff, not quite clearing her throat, but close. Her ears perk, and she takes a few more steps so that she is across the clearing from Felix. ~Chugs-the-Mystery-Brew,~ she says, ~as I spoke with you about before this day, I now challenge you for the rank of Fostern!~ Not one for long speeches, apparently.

Dakota watches the first challenge occur from her own tribemate. She looks aside to Alicia and leans in to murmur something to the Galliard.

Consumes-Shadows remains on the slab, seated and watchful, but seems neutral to the given challenge as his eye turns from Linnaea to Felix to see his response.

Black-Light remains quiet and calm, his snout slanted toward the ground. The mention of a Tribemate's name and challenges being issued makes him peek out from beneath his hood, even makes him smile a little.

"Oh, is that why you wanted me to make exploding pickles? Niiiiice." Justin says to Felix, then glances over to Lin. "Yeah, I can do that for you."

"I'm hungry an' no one ever lets me explode anythin'," Felix mutters to Justin's question; Thane's remarks about the change in Tower plans shortly thereafter get a small 'you see?' gesture to his packmate. At the announcement of the opening for challenges, he glances across to Linnaea, and grins when he sees her rise. Lilah's hand gets dropped as he gets to his own feet, also melting up to Crinos as he does, and steps forward, standing tall. ~Rising-Dawn!~ he replies dramatically, and somewhat less so, ~...Still don't see why not. I accept. Next half-moon moot: be there or be square.~ It probably doesn't rhyme in Mother's Tongue. He gives her a small nod, and then a grin.

Alicia glances over to Dakota, then shrugs her shoulders upwards helplessly as she blows some hair away from her face. "You got me." She murmurs back.

Rising-Dawn twists her ears forward and listens to the response that her challenge gets, and then says, ~Thank you. I will be there.~ She shifts her weight between her feet, and as she returns to her birth form, there is amusement in her voice when she adds, "You can count on that." That said, she steps back to sit by her packmates once more.

Lilah looks to the Crinos'd Linnaea as she speaks, and follows the Gaian's gaze to Felix. The Gnawers' comments make her smile despite herself, and then Felix is getting up, so she sits up straighter and watches him talk. She clearly is having to guess what's going on. Maybe she's making up dialogue for the two of them like when a TV's muted. When Linnaea shifts down to homid again, she offers the woman a thumbs-up, probably having ascertained what's going on by context.

Trace leans over and murmurs very quietly to Lilah as the entire challenge plays out and Garou talk in Mother's Tongue, though only after there is a moment of silence to do so in.

Felix inclines his head slightly to Linnaea's thanks, and turns to return to his own seat as well, shifting back down as he does. Lilah's hand is not reclaimed; instead he wraps an arm around her.

Consumes-Shadows swings his head to look to his packmate, Brom, and then back to the gathering. As no disagreements are voiced he prompts, ~Any others?~

Brom taps the head of the axe against his palm as he glances back down to Thane, then back out to the rest of the Garou.

Lilah grins broadly to Trace as he murmurs to her, and she murmurs just as quietly, a heartfelt thanks as she watches Felix shift down. She leans into the Gnawer as he wraps his arm around her, and silently as possible, pulls out an individually wrapped peppermint candy out of her jeans pocket. She picks a piece of lint off the wrapper, and then silently offers it over to Felix.

Black-Light holds up his hand in a very Homid way, fingers fanned out like a child's, his rags sliding down the length of his arm. The Gnawer Ragabash stands up, his posture straightening, upright and unyielding. He takes three steps forward, his arms at his sides, and takes in a breath deep enough that his cloak billows like a balloon. His head cants, his eyes looking toward the feline, toward the bird, and then to Consumes-Shadows. ~Yes,~ Black-Light says. His gaze spins like an empty bottle and lands uon Alicia. ~Last-Song-Standing,~ he jerks his head. ~I challenge for Adren.~

Linnaea has settled and is scratching Bad-Boy's ears idly, but when it is her tribemate that is the one being challenged, the cliath Gaian leans forward to watch more carefully.

Felix accepts Lilah's candy, and gives her a silent kiss on the cheek for the offer. The only ensuing crinkle noise is the one as he tucks the candy into his pocket, though, as his tribemate being the one challenging has his attention.

Brings-the-Pack briefly meets Slug's gaze, nods once, and then goes back to observing the rest of those gathered at the moot.

Pushing herself upwards, Alicia looks genuinely surprised by the challenge. "Huh." She says as she studies the Gnawer for a long moment before her attention drifts towards the others in the Sept. Then with a glance towards Dakota, she stares into her eyes for a moment, then looks back towards Slug. "Dakota accepts on my behalf and she will set the terms." She says as she gives a nod of her head. "As much as I would love to take on your challenge, I do not feel that I am the best person here tonight that can give you the challenge that will really push you to your limits and help you achieve your goal. If that is alright with you and the Philodox present, I will step to the side."

Black-Light merely bobs his head and turns his attention on the other Gaian, teetering between confidence and apprehensiveness.

Dakota listens to the challenge be issues to her cousin with her knees drawn up to her chest, fingers absently drumming something against a leg. As Alicia drops her name though she stops and tips her head ever so faintly as she looks to the Gaian elder. She seems surprised, though not too openly. There's a raise of her brows before she gets to her feet. "We challenge who we feel will truly test us so we can earn our rank without question. I'll take the challenge, yes, but it has to be what Slug wants. I wouln't do it if it doesn't feel right to him."

There's a pause, a few heartbeats while the Gnawer forms the right words in his head. ~I only care that my challenge is just in the eyes of whoever gives it, and unquestioned by those that hear it.~

Alicia gives a firm pat of Dakota's shoulder, then settles herself back down on the log, one leg crossing over the other as she reclines.

Trace tilts his head to one side and watches with interest as the next challenge occurs, brows raised, arms crossing over his chest.

Dakota takes to her Crinos form after the Gnawer speaks and dips her muzzle to him. ~As it should be, especially for the rank of Adren. I will not see you left in question as my first challenge was. By the next half moon moot at latest, Gaia willing we're all able to gather in peace, I will deliver your terms, Black-Light.~

Justin is cackling next to Felix and Trace as he watches the three-way unfold before them. "Ha." He mutters under his breath, giving the Galliard a shoulder bump. "I think he should have a boneless wing challenge with ghost pepper sauce."

Brom gives a nod of his head towards Slug and Dakota, then rumbles out. "I got no qualms with it. Good luck, Slug." He says as he twirls the axe about in his large mits.

Consumes-Shadows listens to the Children of Gaia play hot potato with the challenge with a scrunch of his muzzle that deepens as his ear turns towards the whispering coyotes. ~Respect the challenges.~ He chides with a click of his fangs. As his packmate declares the shiftover valid the Ahroun says, ~One challenges for Fostern, one for Adren. May your challenges prove you worthy, the sept has need of your strength. Do we have any others with challenges or concerns?~

Black-Light bows at the waist to the assembled Garou, his hood flopping forward until it consumes the whole of his head. ~Thank you,~ he rumbles, paws held together before him. Then he takes two steps back and sits, legs coiled beneath his garment, looking much like a monster hidden poorly under a bedsheet.

Felix's brows go up as the elder Galliard passes the challenge over, and if anything, watches even closer while things are determined. Still, Justin's mutter gets a near-silent laugh, and he leans over to murmur a quiet translation of Slug and Dakota's words to Lilah.

Lilah smiles warmly at the translation, and she seems more than a little fascinated with the way this challenge is going. She gives a thumbs-up of support over to Slug once he's sat down, and then leans back over against Felix.

Heartsinger steps back where she has been occupying and thumps a hand against her cousin's shoulder. She says nothing further though and casts her eyes over the gathering to see if anyone else is stepping up.

Consumes-Shadows gives the sept members time to speak up, but after a minute or so passes with no one coming forward the Alpha announces, ~Then this moot is concluded. Those challenged, you know the drill, speak to the Master of Challenges since she isn't here. Again as a reminder, Edgewood should be avoided and remain on high alert when anywhere on or near the bawn. Trace, the newly arrives Glass Walker, has volunteered in the capacity of Guardian. To anyone else interested in doing so, speak to me. Watch your backs out there. Be safe, be careful.~
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