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Bawn: The Sept Compound

Sweeping branches of evergreen pines form a sort of natural roof overshadowing most of this clearing. In the center is a fire pit with several old logs polished from use for seats. A separate stack of firewood is discreetly piled up at the base of an old spruce, protected from the damp by a tarp. At the edge of the clearing and extending back a bit into the woods resides a rough wooden structure with a slate tile roof. A stone slab rests off to one side of the clearing in a place of some prominence. Nestled in among the pines are a few hardy perennials--red alder, quaking aspen, and a big leaf maple or two--that, come spring, will create a profusion of color in the clearing. A faint trail leads off to the east, and a bit north.

The red of the setting sun only seems to serve as a punctuation on the increasingly agitated air of the sept. Though the moon is half the Alpha is looking as tense as he may be on the full, for all his anger seems tightly reined in. He waits near the fire with his eye fixed on the trees.

Linnaea comes into the clearing from the forest, humming off-key to herself. There is a nod to Thane, and then the Gaian moves to take a seat near a tree at the edge of the clearing.

Felix is here, half-sprawled on one of the logs by the firepit, sipping from a Coke bottle and looking a little bit tired, all in all, while he waits for everyone else to arrive. He hasn't been here that long, today, but he's on time.

A desparkled Snakepatcher paces into the clearing, after making several tours around the clearing with much inspection and sniffing for anything out of the ordinary. He continues his inspection on the nearest Garou to hand, Felix, notices the next Garou over is Thane, defers any further inspection and instead greets the Alpha carefully and politely, then finds a place to be.

Thane returns the nod given by Linnaea and regards Snakepatcher's aborted inspection with a raise of his unscarred brow. After several minutes pass in which no one else arrives or sounds to be arriving, the Lord clears his throat and looks to the few gathered faces. "A small turnout, it seems, but with the business at Edgewood others may be slow to make it from the long way around. So, let's get started. Firstly, some news since two faces aren't here: Slug succeeded in his Adren challenge to Dakota. Apparently it was a test involving proving both Glory, Honor, and Wisdom. So if you see him, keep his new rank in mind. Now, do we have an update on our other challenge?" He asks and looks to Felix when he asks.

Six-Shooter nearly slinks his way into the clearing and over towards his packmate, but his steps make far too much noise for any attempt at sneaking to be successful. There is a chuff of greeting, and then the Glass Walker gets onto the log. Patrol was uneventful, he adds, somewhat grumpily.

Heading through the woods is Justin at a quick jog. As he spies his two packmates, he lifts a hand and waves, then joins them with an unceremonial flopping down next to them.

Linnaea sits up a little bit straighter at the beginning of the moot, and folds her hands in her lap before looking from Thane, and over to Felix.

Ghost-in-the-Machine arrives in lupus, a pretty uncharacteristic choice for her. The reason for this is obvious at immediate glance; visible patagia, slightly too thin fur on slightly too long ears, and teeth and claws that are clearly some kind of metal rather than anything natural. There's a prickle to the black and dingy grey fur, especially along her ruff and spine, which suggests her mood isn't the greatest to begin with today.

Felix gives Snakepatcher a quick grin when the Uktena arrives, and watches him inspect the area; the inspection of himself gets a breath of a laugh, and no objection. There's grins for the others as they arrive as well, and a brief ruffle for the Walker, before he nods to Thane's question and gets to his feet. "Yup," he answers, and turns to face his challenger, putting on a serious mien and tone. "Good afternoon, Miss Griffin-Macey," he greets her, with a small inclination of his head, "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves turnin' your focus, talent, an' efforts toward the Sept. You may select any three team members, but it is essential that one of 'em knows the Rite of Bindin', an' will teach you it. Once they have, that member's part is done. You will teach the Rite yourself to one of the other members. Then, you will lead that member an' the remaining member in workin' together to create a total of six talens. What they are is up to you; they can be the same kind or some kinda assortment, but they should specifically be shit that, after some serious thinkin', you think'll be useful to the Sept against our current enemies. As always, should any member of your team be caught or killed, this Galliard will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This challenge will self-destruct in about a month, so you better get it done by next half-moon moot. But earlier's fine. Good luck, Lin." He gives her a solemn nod, getting a good second or so more before a twitch at the corner of his mouth starts threatening the return of the grin.

Linnaea grins a bit, and tilts her head up to listen to Felix, intently. There's a few nods, and she seems to be taking mental notes. "Got it," she agrees, with one more nod following her words. "Guess I'd better get to work ASAP after everything here's done. It's gonna be great."

Justin flashes a grin to his packmate and his terms. "Huh. Sounds pretty straight forward." He says as he kicks back against the log and crosses one leg over the other.

"A good challenge." Thane says, short and sweet and sounding like his surly self. "And certainly skills expected of a second rank Theurge. Good luck." He looks over the remaining. "Does anyone else have any challenges they'd like to issue? Or anything else they'd like to bring up that is a concern?"

The Galliard's grin does escape then, and Felix sweeps a bow toward Linnaea before reclaiming his previous seat on the log and sprawling comfortably between his packmates again.

Ghost-in-the-Machine settles into a spot by herself, and her slightly too long ears quirk up to listen.

Six-Shooter twists one ear, and then sets his head back down on his forepaws. He doesn't seem to have anything to add at the moment, though.

"No?" Thane murmurs as he regards the small crowd. "Well, little on my end. The Spirals at Edgewood are definitely of the Queen and digging in. Rough plans right now are that one group will move on the Tower. Another will remain behind to keep the Edgewood group occupied and away from the caern, because it's likely they'd make a move while we're split. So expect soon that we'll be setting a night to make our move."

Linnaea is drumming her fingers on her knee and then counting on them for a moment, and looking somewhat into the distance more than paying attention to the here/now.

Ghost-in-the-Machine rumbles, noting that she took the ~gun~ she mentioned and has it now. It is heavy and will need time to prepare but she can use it.

It's a relatively small gathering today; Thane's in his usual position for these moots, and most of Tactical Frivolity is sitting on the logs by the firepit while others are dotted elsewhere around the clearing. There are no signs of glitter nor any other unusual clearing-attributes today. "Cool," Felix says to Ghost's gun-report, giving her a grin. Thane's update on the situation at Edgewood, and the current rough plan, gets a more thoughtful look.

Snakepatcher attentively listens to the challenge details and to the update on Edgewood.

Nolan's whistling is softer than usual, cutting off when he arrives at the clearing. He looks around the gathering, nodding to Ghost and then giving his focus to the Shadow Lord.

"Good to hear." Thane says towards Ghost, though he takes a fleeting note of Nolan's arrival. "Any difficulties or anything you need, Ghost?"

Ghost-in-the-Machine's ears twist back; she seems uncertain, but she does respond after a moment. No. She will work on repaying the person she took it from.

Thane gives a single nod of his head towards the Metis before shifting his view on the gathering as a whole. "I have no other business at the moment. If no one else has anything, then the rest of the evening is your's. I know Lin there has a challenge to get started."

Nolan gives a jerk of his head in the direction of the caern. "That kid-Adren, Salem, tasked me with putting together a plan for a feint at Edgewood."

Linnaea grins a little and pushes to her feet, with a wave towards those gathered, before she pulls out her cell phone and slips off into the woods. Not staying to socialise when there's work to be done, it seems.

Thane shows the faintest hint of a frown at Nolan's words but nods. "He hadn't told me that. Given the talk the other day though, that seemed to be the general idea. Keep me in the loop of what the plans are and who you want to rope in. Speaking of, if business is tended to for the minute I'm going to go do some patrolling of the western edge to make sure they're not moving in closer. So come find me if you need me."

Felix can't help looking amused at the description of Salem, though he hides most of it behind taking a drink, for the moment. Linnaea's exit gets a glance and a chin-lift of farewell, but he doesn't seem inclined to take his own leave yet, watching to see Thane's reply to Nolan.

Nolan tips his chin to look sidelong at Thane for a moment, and then nods. "I need to ask the Mage about some things, and then I'll give the plans to Salem. Not particularly complicated."

"Complicated or not," Thane says to the Fianna with a frown, "As Warder and Alpha, I need to be kept up on plans that are being made, be it from you or Salem. I'm fine on others working on angles, just /someone/ needs to tell me what the hell they're doing so I'm not wasting energy and time dealing with something someone else is or make plans that'll screw up another set. It's a pretty simple request. With that being said, I need to get back to work. Good evening, all of you." And that said, the Ahroun moves to take his leave.

Six-Shooter twists his ear and looks at the Warder departing, and gets to his feet and leaps off the log, landing neatly. He also has a patrol to get back to, he adds, head twisting towards the north as he moves to depart.
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