The Spirit of the Forest

Gyhldeptis is the Haida Goddess of the forest. She was a beneficent Goddess who protected the people of the coastal forests.

It is a forest spirit. Not just some leafy sprite that dwells in the woods, but an actual Spirit of the Forest--an embodiment of the idea itself. All other forest spirits--things like the Leshy of Slavic mythology, or the woodwose, or even the Green Man--all fall under its purview. Many of the wild man or wood nymph myths are actually manifestations of this type of spirit, acting to protect and watch over its domain. The spirit can be both Weaver and Wyrm, for its flora both weaves the fabric and tapestry of the forest, and its decay is the food for rebirth. But, the spirit's essence is Wyld. The forest is always in a state of change--of creation--an act that is often violent and unpredictable. Our particular spirit manifests in fog, trees, rain, moss. It can be seen in anything grown within the forest. At times it may take a more animated form--a person, be it male or female, with plant like attributes. But in truth, the spirit has no one form, no one purpose. It is prehistoric and uncivilized--the primal force, wild and untamable. There is a certain Wisdom to be gleaned from that capriciousness. It is a spirit that instills both fear and respect in those that encounter it.

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