• Name: Gunnar Thorvalis
  • Other Names: Rune-Scar, Son of Thorin Stormbringer, Son of Niel Distant-Eyes, Son of Ejnar Screaming-Blizzard
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: homid
  • Auspice: Theurge
  • Tribe: Get of Fenris
  • Rank: Cliath
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Packs: None
  • Position: Former Ritemaster


  • Creation Date: Unknown
  • Creation Rank: Unknown
  • Departure Date: July 2009
  • Notes: Cold, unforgiving, and about as subtle as a box of hammers to the face, the scarred Godi has nevertheless proven himself to be one of the most competent crescent moons around. He speaks with a certain familiarity of things that may have been forgotten generations ago, communes with spirits as if he were one of them, and approaches even the simplest of rituals with a religious-like zeal that borders on fanaticism.
    This connection, of course, is not without it's drawbacks. He seems, moreso than most, disconnected with the world around him, reacting to even the most mundane things in strange, sometimes unpredictable ways. His moods, personalities, mannerisms - sometimes even his memories - seem to ebb and flow as a river, changing; meshing together and drawing apart, until it is oftentimes difficult to tell what the intricacies of his personality might be. His focus never seems to be completly in the here and now, but he moves with a haunted, hunting sort of mien.
    Above all else, though, even beyond the Auspice, he has established himself as a Fenrir - and likely one of the more traditional ones around. Perhaps, not surprising, he hails from Esbjerg, Denmark; with very close familial ties to the Get home in Uppsala, Sweden. His bloodline is a mix of Saxon and Geat, a fact which he is intensely proud of... as if the Saxon runes carved into every inch of his visible flesh weren't proof enough. His personality is very much what one would expect of Fenrir ideals; he's a fighter first and foremost, draconian in the survival of the fittest mentality, and doesn't take well to challanges of his honor or ability. Just don't invite him to tea.
    He has, recently, earned the position of Master of the Rite, and while he's been unusually accepting - for him - of other tribe's ritual alignment, such as the Weaver-leanings of the Glasswalker Rites - he's nevertheless declared that, since the Caern is in an area leaning heavily towards the Wyld, only Rites who's triatic affinity would not offend those spirits are permitted to be performed within its boundaries; even if this means getting a different tribe to perform the rite.

    PB 3, PL 5, CHA 3, STA 4, WIT 4
Preceded by:
Master of Rites
2006-July 2009
Succeeded by:
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