A common question that is asked when players hear about our registration system is "How hard is it to get a character here?"

A common answer is that it is not hard at all, provided that you can write a legible, interesting, self-consistent description of the character you wish to play. If you cannot then, well, you will find it very difficult indeed. It is intended to be that way.

In short, the registration process is not an arbitrary hurdle that the wizards have set up for players to overcome before they will be accepted on GarouMUSH. Its purpose is to provide you with a forum for showing us that both

  1. you, the player, have the necessary skills to interact with the rest of our playerbase successfully, and
  2. your character is interesting enough, believable enough, and compatible with our game world so that it will enhance the role-play on our MUSH and not detract from it.

Just a note about what type of character to apply for regarding that last point on compatibility: Since the MUSH is focussed on Garou society as a whole, new players are expected to apply for either a Garou from one of the thirteen tribes or a mortal human character. This does not include Vampires, Mages, Changelings, Wraiths or other Bete. Nor are we likely to accept applications for Black Spiral Dancers, Croatan, White Howlers, or Bunyip.

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